Ny lpn to rn program charging $1200 for pre-requisite course! Normal??

  1. Hi all! So.....I went to an Open House today at Helene Fuld College of Nursing in Manhattan and was REALLY shocked to hear that in addition to 3 separate Entrance exams, a pre-req course entitled: "Selected Topics in Chemistry & Mathematics (SCI101) is required BEFORE acceptance to the school. I was confused as to WHY must a prospective student pay $246/credit not including the $248 book needed (OUT OF POCKET)?? I was then told, that the course wouldn't be covered by financial aid since the prospective student hasn't matriculated yet. Additionally, the 10 week course IS NOT GRADED, its based on pass/fail.... HUH? LOL *COMMENTS PLEASE!

    Does this sound normal to you, or does it sound like a scam???

    -Frustratingly skeptical LPN
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  3. by   tern
    Let me start by saying that I just graduated from HF this past Sunday Nov.13!!!!! The entrance exams you would have to take if you were entering any college except for the nursing one....the nursing entrance exam is a way of testing out of fundamental nursing courses....the sci 101 in my opinon helps to prepare you for the program itself, you can always challenge the sci101....many people who attend HF including myself have been out of school for awhile and this course get your brain working again..lol...I find the money to be a small price to pay for my future as an RN...The program itself is not easy...you must READ your BOOK and do as many questions as possible....don't listen to the negative just stay focussed and you will be successful...I stayed away from the clicks and did my thing...I spent many of days and evenings in Barnes N Noble and it paid off in a big way..I hear so many complaints about HF but I really don't have any...It goes so fast by the time you turn around it's done...I suggest you take the step and you will be a RN before you know it
  4. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Thanks SO much for replying! You are right..i have heard MANY negative comments about HF and I desperately wanted some HONEST feedback before I forked over $1100+ dollars. I'm a hard worker, and never had a problem picking up a book and reading so that part Im sure I will be fine on. Another question though: How did you like the instructors, and also how is their job placement post graduation?
  5. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Were your credits transferrable to a RN to BSN program??
  6. by   roseynurse345
    I know this couse is annoying, but I think it lets them know you are able to handle college material. The math section will definetely help you. Yes, HFCN credits are transferable, they do have articulation agreements with certain colleges. I'm going to a university that doesn't have articulation agreement with HFCN, had no problem transferring my credits.
  7. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Oh I'm soo glad to hear that! Thank you so much for all the information about HF! You've been a great help and even inspired me a bit! Kudos to you, and best wishes in YOUR nursing career!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  8. by   newnyclpn
    good luck on hf, all the professionals i spoke too, spoke highly of that school, and its my dream to go there. I just passed the nclex pn today, and I've been looking for employment but everyone wants experience I don't have its so frustrating, not sure where to turn, do you have any suggestions? and again good luck on hf
  9. by   akanini
    "I find the money to be a small price to pay for my future as an RN."
    This is soooo correct, Tern!

    Like I said in a previous post, "The longer you stay a LPN, the longer you lose out on RN money." Someone told me this 3 years ago when I became a LPN and it has always stuck in my head. Don't let anyone/anything hinder you from becoming a RN if you can.
    The course is not a scam at all. You can TEST OUT of the course. I've never heard of anyone doing it and passing though. I also know people who can't pass the course. So just do it because it's the only way you can start the nursing courses at HF. Do you have your pre-reqs already? If you do, I heard Laquardia has a good program also.
    All the best on your educational endeavors.
  10. by   akanini
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  11. by   msnurse10001
    I was just curious to know if you did the RN program at HELENE FULD?
  12. by   Goodas016
    hello can anyone tell me about Helene Fuld entrance exam and writing essay
  13. by   mommyof2Tees
    bumping this post...cause I would like to know too. Thanks in advance!
  14. by   Miaizon
    When do classes start at Helene Fuld?