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  1. Goodas016

    Merit Technical Institute

    Hey I do not live in BK I am in Q and I am already attending the school. It doesn't take long once you go through the canal street.
  2. Goodas016

    Merit Technical Institute

    Hey, how was the interview? if you have not done it asa of yet it is nothing to worry about. Make sure you get everything they say in writing so later done you don't have any problems. Is it true that they are telling you guys to buy the 1st set of books?
  3. Goodas016

    Merit Technical Institute

    Hello, did you start Merit as of yet?
  4. Goodas016

    Nursing School

    Does anyone go to merit Technical in NJ? I am about to take the Pharmacology test and I need to know what they ask on it. Pls help:confused: