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long term care/ med surg
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New LPN Grad eager to meet experienced nurses whom I may learn from. I'm currently loking for a job, and a school where I can turn my lpn to a rn in the nyc area. I'm just ready to move forward, and gain as much knowledge as possible

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  1. newnyclpn

    Any New Grads in NYC

    Im in nyc, and i can tell you that it is very difficult, because employers want you to have nursing experience. I have been looking for a job since i got my license in late nov, and i have not been successful. I have tried everything, i called, email,fax,went in person, word of mouth, nothing has worked. So i honestly don't know what to tell you, maybe your luck may be better than mine, but be prepared to really go hard
  2. newnyclpn

    Studying RN questions ok for preparing for LVN Nclex?

    I personally think its not a good idea, only because the responsibilities are different, you have to take the nclex in the mind of an lpn not an rn. There are many questions that are based on the role of the lpn, delegating, and skills that an lpn does, and if you study using rn based question you may confuse yourself.
  3. newnyclpn

    Why does every job say you need to have experience?

    i totally agree, im in the same situation, i am in nyc and i graduated last september, and i took my boards in nov, i am still unemployed, but actively looking for work. The interviews i been on they would say you dont have any experience, ask me all these skills that i have not physically done on a live person more than once, but wont give me an opportunity, even though i was the valedictorian who is very capable. It is so so so frustrating. I honestly dont know what to do. I know exactly how you feel
  4. Just was wondering if you found any volunteer work or a job yet, because im having difficulty as well
  5. newnyclpn

    NYC LPN job

    Im a nyc lpn, just wondering if you found a job yet...im still looking
  6. They gave me one,but still bring your own
  7. Yea,the math is everything you just said....% is on there as well..when I took the DET I was allowed to use a calculator on the easiest part,but the more complicated math Ur not allowed to,it is timed,its pretty much hs math
  8. There really isn't a waiting list,it just did you apply when the program opened? They accept about 22 per class,once you filled out the paper work , which is 2 parts it takes about maybe a month,the only thing is the program is on job corps premises, its a partnership,so you would have to call cassadaga job corps and speak to Shirley swanson and she can tell you what to do for the boces program,she is the coordinator,you must have some healthcare experience, good DET score,good interview, reliable,and under 25 for the cassadaga program,if u don't have the age requirement they also have the jamestown,and the derby boces program,so you definately have options
  9. newnyclpn

    LPN to BSN programs in NY?

    Oh ok Ty
  10. newnyclpn

    LPN to BSN programs in NY?

    Thanks,how far is that from the city? I was looking for schools within the 5 boroughs
  11. Hey gmkj ,I've been trying to find a lpn job for at least a month,and I'm newly licensed ,do you know of n e place hiring new grass,need help,thanks
  12. newnyclpn

    LPN to BSN programs in NY?

    Ditto,I haven't found any
  13. newnyclpn

    New LPN looking for a job! :)

    If only I knew ,I'm in the same boat:yeah:
  14. Hopefully I can help,I actually attended the Erie 2 program at cassadaga,it is all the same, as far as BOXES . I had to take the DET Exam to get in which was composed of reading and math,no science. I believe they want a 60 percent on math and a 55 on reading. Also I had to go on an interview once I passed. The course is accelerated, it has its moments of difficulty but you can do it. It's broken up in 2 semesters, the first is foundations,a&p,pharmacy,math,and clinicals. The second semester is the same but harder,and you take what you learned 1st semester and apply it. The way they accept you is based on the DET score,interview,ability to commit to the program,try the cassadaga program,they are now running two programs at the same time
  15. well i got my results for my nclex pn today and i passed, I can tell you i was on edge i had 186 questions, I was worried for the whole two days. I did do the pvt trick and it definately works. It will say "previously passed exam,cant reschedule at this time" if you see this you PASSED, congrats and good luck