Nursing Layoffs!!

  1. :uhoh21: just in time for nurse's week new york methodist hospital has just "eliminated" 33 registered professional nurses from their position effective immediately. all due to "immediate budget reductions!" according to the vp of nursing this was unforeseen, they had no idea the hospital was in such a financial turmoil :stone. the union that represents the rn's at methodist is nysna, which all 33 rn's would have been official members in june 2008. the hospital did their cuts in a sinister manner but legally. although they had a steady decline of their overall hospital census since january 2008 yet still they had no warning of their fiscal crisis! there was no for warning to these nurses, many of them were working and was told there was a meeting after lunch. that is when they learned their fate, and for many of the nurses this was their first "professional" nursing job! let's not forget to mention that all of these nurses have responsibilities such as families and bills. as one of the vp's mentioned there is always unemployment, for which we don't qualify for! after an intense orientation process, classes, test to find out that your dispensable. never did nursing school prepare me for this, nurses are the last line of defense...we do it all !

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  3. by   Bklyngurl
    Oh yeah FYI...

    As a warning when interviewing one of the questions to ask is the institution your applying to in the red or black? Are they financial stable? How has the census been in the last quarter? Will there be any predictions of layoffs or downsizing?
  4. by   RNDreamer
    wow, NY Meth was one hospital that I was looking into when I graduated. Where did you find this info? In the paper. Can you include a link?
  5. by   justme1972
    Well, the benefit to being a nurse is that you can find a job most anywhere.

    Even if that means moving.
  6. by   Bklyngurl
    Quote from NYDreamer
    wow, NY Meth was one hospital that I was looking into when I graduated. Where did you find this info? In the paper. Can you include a link?
    This has not hit the media or papers yet. Hopefully it will! I personally know some of the nurses in that orientation class. You can always call their main line in HR to confirm.
  7. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Why don't these nurses qualify for unemployment???
  8. by   Bklyngurl
    They were only working their about 6 weeks
  9. by   nyforlove
    I was so sorry to hear of this....Don't know anything more than what I read here...wondering how a census can drop so quickly---is it just a temporary blip, a statistical fluke?? Are people suddenly more healthy??? Is this a trend in hospitals city-wide (nation-wide?) very surprised and confused....
  10. by   Sammi15
    Sorry to hear about the layoff!!

    One of my former classmate that graduated with me was hired @ NYM few months ago, does that mean she got layoff too? How does the hospital selects the nurses being layoff?

    My friend and I are in the process of looking for a new nursing job and I can tell you it's a very difficult process. It seems that nobody want to hire you unless you've few year of experience under your belt. I guess nursing school didn't prepare us for unemployment!

    Anyway, good luck with you job search!!!
  11. by   Bklyngurl
    From what I hear NYM was aware that their decline of patients was consistent even before this group of 33 strong RN's were hired. They took a gamble hoping the census would pick up didn't since they were not in a union they were able to let them go! No packages, or reduced hours just let them go. Also if the census does pick up again they will "just hire more nurses!"
  12. by   Nurse212
    Damn, that truly sucks to hear. On a reassuring note, the HHC's have finally lifted their hiring freeze due to the state budget being regulated. At least these 33 nurses have options and can try applying to city hospitals.

  13. by   drizzle
    OH MY.... :uhoh21: That's really hard to take, esp I am also in the process of job searching and now hearing this?! My classmate who graduated with me in Dec'07 JUST got a job in the ICU at NYM in March... I hope she's gonna be okay... I know she have to support her family since her father passed away last year...
  14. by   NYSNOWBUNNY007
    This is sooo classless...i cant believe that they would raise hopes for these RN's who have sacrificed to get to where they want to be and out of no where they just do much for employee moral...I wonder what their mission statement is...hmm...well...they just hurt themselves...i bet they will turn around and have these mega job fairs looking for RN's once again...and i hope at this time no one goes...let them beg...i hope the RN's are aware that they CAN get jobs elsewhere...NYM will suffer in the long run..So sorry for the RN's it truly breaks my heart...Its so inhumane......