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    nursing program in all cuny school

    "graduates of the city university of new york passed the new york state nursing exam at a higher rate in 2008 than students from all other nursing schools in the state, chancellor matthew goldstein announced today."

    "according to the new york state education department, exam pass rates for first-time test takers in 2008 for all cuny schools was 86.5%. the total pass rate for students at all other nursing schools in new york state was 82.1%."

    licensed practical nurse (lpn) certificate program--
    bronx community college,
    hostos community college,
    laguardia community college,
    medgar evers college.

    associate of science (aas) degree in nursing--
    borough of manhattan community college,
    bronx community college,
    hostos community college,
    kingsborough community college,
    laguardia community college,
    medgar evers college,
    new york city college of technology,
    the college of staten island,
    queensborough community college.

    bachelor of science in nursing degree--
    hunter college,
    lehman college,
    medgar evers college,
    new york city college of technology,
    the college of staten island,
    york college.

    master of science in nursing degree, with various clinical specializations--
    hunter college,
    lehman college
    the college of staten island.
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  3. by   FirstChoiceLast
    This is absolutely good news. I have applied for ASS/RN at Medgar Evers Community College for the Fall 0f 2009. To all applicants for Fall 2009, lets post our intention here and upon acceptance let's share the good news. So little is posted/written about Medgar Evers on the nursing blogs and on
    This is so encouraging. Congratulations to all CUNY colleges offering nursing education.!!! This is from: FirstChoiceLast
  4. by   FirstChoiceLast
    i am surprized that many students are not hitting that post. i think the problem is the title-the caption is not specific nor capturing enough for such great and useful news. this information is vital in the selection of nursing programs and schools and to promote a cunny education. some students chose expensive alternatives because they erroneously thinks that price equal value in education-all the time. some are on long waiting list while they could be attending a cunny college. here is affordable cunny out performing the more expensive alternatives and that information should be effectively communicated to all!

    please consider more captivating title, otherwise such vital information will not get to the intended target:
    1.cunny nursing schools outperformed the rest-2008.
    2.cunny nursing programs rated best for 2008.
    3.cunny nursing programs are affordable and deliver past rates higher than other institutions in 2008.
    4.choose cunny nursing schools for affordability and higher pass rates- above the rest for 2008
    5. cunny nursing programs are emerging as leaders in their field-see 2008 pass rate results.

    information is not useful if intended audience are not been drawn in, to get benefits.

    just some humble suggestions and i think, information should be put in general nursing discussions and all other sections on (if this has not been done). after all, this is educational news for all levels of nursing from lpn to masters.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    CUNY has always been a first rate university system.
  6. by   RNDreamer
    Some but not all. I chose my school because I didn't want to take classes at a CUNY school and then MAYBE get into a nursing program. I chose the more expensive route because I had no interest in being on a waiting list or repeatedly applying for a school and not getting in because my GPA was not a perfect 4.0. My school accepted me as a nursing major, even though I had no pre-reqs done. I wasn't listed as pre-nursing and I didn't have to reapply to the nursing portion of the program.

    My university's passing rate in 2007 was 95.9%, with 117 out of 122 passing the first time.
    As of June of 2008, the passing rate was 93%, but I haven't gotten the updated pass rate for the rest of 2008.

    Quote from FirstChoiceLast
    Some students chose expensive alternatives because they erroneously thinks that price equal value in education-all the time. Some are on long waiting list while they could be attending a Cunny College. .
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  7. by   JeanettePNP
    I am going to SUNY-Downstate. I took my science pre-reqs at Medgar Evers.

    The advantage of CUNY/SUNY is that you pay state tuition rates. And I think it's GOOD that the CUNY nursing schools weed out the non-achieving students.
  8. by   vyibez
    i jus got my acceptance letter for medgar evers college for foall of 09 for the aas and i am very skeptical about this college because the pre-requisites curriculum for the school is far diffrent from everone else and i dont know if they will transfer out fine without any problems
  9. by   FirstChoiceLast
    Hi, Congratulations on your acceptance to Medgar Evers for Fall 2009!!

    One questions: Can you kindly list the preclinicals/prerequisite for ME and those of the differing schools-just for comparison and better understanding of the differences.

    Once again, congrats, for sharing your good news.

    Ps: I have not received any correspondence from ME because my status is incomplete; one of my transcript (College) was delayed. Will post the outcome here.
  10. by   vyibez
    thank you..well i just checked out medgar evers and it seems like a great program so here goes..
    medgar evers:
    BIO 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4c
    BIOL 251 A & P Lab 0
    CHM 105 Chemistry for Health Professionals 4c
    CHML 105 Chemistry Lab 0
    ENG 112 College Composition I 3c
    MTH 120 Algebra/Geometry 1c
    PSYCH101 Intro to Psychology 3c
    Total 15

    city tech:
    BIO 2311 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits,
    PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology 3 credits,
    ENG 1101 English Composition I 3 credits,
    MAT 1275 or higher Introduction to Mathematical Analysis 4 credits

    Queensborough cc:

    • EN-101 English Composition I............3
    • SS-510 Psychology...........................3
    • SS-310 Sociology.............................3
    • BI-301 Anatomy and Physiology I......4
    • Pre-Clinical Sequence Sub-total........13 credits
  11. by   FirstChoiceLast
    Thanks for following through with comparison and I do agreed that Medgar Evers' (ME) preclinical looks very interesting.

    Have you decided which institution that you will be attending?

    I do hope to get into ME, because of its ladder programme into the BSN and location-close to family/friends. I am an out of state potential student.

    Good luck with your programme of choice. I know that you will be a fine student and a great nurse because you are doing the necessary research (before hand) and accumulating knowledge (re different nursing programmes) before jumpimg in. is a great place to get informed & stay informed; thereby facilitating great decisions!

    Once again thanks and may great things happen for you.
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  12. by   vyibez
    thank you very much...i did decide, i will be attending medgar evers in fall
  13. by   letarn2b
    Hey I see that you are going to Medgar.I wanted to know if the letter you receieved is an actual acceptance or to come in for the interview.They really make you jump through hoops at this school thats why i did not apply to thier program after the pre -reqs.
    1st you take the nln.
    2nd you go for the interview with a zillion people in a little hot conference room in the s building take another math and english
    3rd they send you acceptance in the last week of the spring semester.
    I reserached most schools and thier retention is horrible you might start out with 40 approx but by boards only 15 approx make it to it the rest have either failed out because passing is a B- WHICH IS eqivalent to a 80-82.
    Check out the board of nur for nyc 15-19 make it to nlclex even though thier pass rate is a 90 they do things to kick people out so thier pass rate is high because about 5 years ago thier pass rate was a 65% because a major problem was they could not pass boards.Some people i know now are working as lpns because in nyc a few years back you could take your lpn boardswhile you are in your rn program,but nyc has since stopped that in 2007.
    Medgar did a huge overhaul and raised standards which is turn rasied nclex pass rates but retention is horrible.I feel you can have good retention and a high nlcex pass rates one does not have to sacrifice for the other.

    I think its important to note that every nursing school has its hits and misses but i like to see more of hits.I hope you have researched your options well because a great school will help you progress not kick you when you are down.
  14. by   vyibez
    That sounds harsh...but i think i cud do thinking bout going to school part time for the clinicals so that i can focus on getting straight A's and be accepted to the clinical phase without retention
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