New Grad in NY looking for advice

  1. I will be graduating from Pace University in less than a week. (So excited)! I have already begun my job search and I have applied to several hospitals in Westchester County and NYC. I have not heard back from any hospitals except for positions that have already been filled. I am starting to wonder whether or not I should even bother with applying to jobs before I take my NCLEX. I have sent all my paperwork up to the NYS so now it is just a waiting game before I can find out when I can take my boards. I am really hoping to take them by the end of January but I think that is an unrealistic hope. I also really want to enter the NYU or NYP nurse residency programs but when I go onto their website there is no information as to when those programs begin or how to apply for them.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience they would be willing to share? Should I stop applying to jobs and wait until I have passed before I start applying? I have also made some contacts and have been networking, but that hasn't helped just yet.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   ProfRN4
    I don't know of any hospitals in the NY area that hire without license in hand.
  4. by   estrellaCR
    That is true. Hospitals have more than enough people applying that already have RN license and other qualifications. It is best if you focus your time on preparing for NCLEX. I have not heard of anyone being hired without an RN license, even if they had connections.
  5. by   cgrav44
    That is what I figured. But I was kind of hoping some hospitals would hire someone "pending completion of the NCLEX". Well, either way, I suppose I will have more of an advantage once I get my license.
  6. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from cgrav44
    That is what I figured. But I was kind of hoping some hospitals would hire someone "pending completion of the NCLEX". Well, either way, I suppose I will have more of an advantage once I get my license.
    Though entirely possible and still legal, most if not all NYC hospitals and even LTC/nursing homes stopped hiring GN (graduate nurses) sometime ago. Just too many risks added on top of those that already come from hiring new grads.

    Obvious first thing is what do they do with a new grad if she or he doesn't pass NCLEX? Without a RN license a GN must always work under another nurse, that can be a huge scheduling hassle.

    One of the main reasons hospitals would hire GNs back in the day was because the board exams were only given twice a year (about every six months), this could mean a rather long wait between classes for "new talent". Now that the NCLEX is given more often there is a more steady flow of newly licensed RNs.
  7. by   Cait720
    You definitely need your license first. I graduated in May and recently started my first job at NYP. NYU is closed at least until February, per nurses I know who recently left there for positions elsewhere. And that is their best case scenario. Sandy really kicked their butts. NYP, as far as I know, is only take applications from internal new grads right now. All new grads have to apply to the "New Grad Waitlist" when it is posted however I have no idea when they will be posting that again. I would advise you to widen your search to all hospitals in NYC and perhaps further. It is much easier upstate, in Albany and Rochester/Buffalo, if you are willing to relocate for a year. Just a little advice from someone who has been through this ordeal recently.
  8. by   bTRUE
    The only NY hospital I know that accepts nurses pending NCLEX exam is Stony Brook University Hospital
  9. by   akanini
    It's crucial right now in NY for new nurses, what do you think about someone who hasn't even taken their NCLEX yet? I live in Brooklyn, NY and I honestly believe you need to focus on passing that exam FIRST. There are just too many nurses here with their license already, I can't see how a GN would even be called for an interview over them. I was in this boat last year and if I lived further up, I would have applied further north. However, I strongly believed that with my LPN experience, somebody was going to hire me as RN and it happened (thank goodness).Keep in mind, your first job may not be the one you want, it may not even be a hospital, BUT it's better then sitting around waiting for a miracle. Best of luck on your NCLEX exam!
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  11. by   estrellaCR
    RN jobs in NY and elsewhere all depend on luck. Im a Jan 2012 grad who started working as an RN in a clinic in June 2012 so I have 8 months experience. I had worked as a child development aide for 4 years prior to graduating from BSN program. This past year i have taken 5 certification classes NRP ACLS PALS etc. I enjoy my job but I have been trying to get hospital job since I took Nclex in March 2012 so I can get the clinical skills that are usually only practiced/learned in a hospital. But no luck. I had also volunteered before that in a hospital. However that hospital chose to hire outside new grads with no exp (except required school clinicals), done no volunteer work, and did not have even one certification such as ACLS instead of us volunteers. I had 3 interviews at other hospitals and no result, they all chose fresher graduated new grads who never worked while in school and did not go for any volunteering or certifications. So therefore it is all luck.

    My coworker, who's first RN job was also in the clinic, has had the same luck. No one wants us because we do not have "hospital" experience. How can we get hospital experience if no one wants to give us a chance? We do use nursing skills in the clinic but recruiters don't recognize that they prefer people who did not work in homecare or clinic as their first job. So sad, especially in this economy when you have to take whichever job is available or risk being an old new grad with no RN job at all. Once you pass NCLEX and and get your license number, apply everywhere. Maybe you get lucky. It is all luck really or knowing someone high up. Me and my coworker had a connection (an older RN) where we volunteered but it did not help no matter how much she pushed for us.