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Hi all. Was hoping someone could help describe the interview process to me at Montefiore. I am a new graduate, and have an interview with HR this week. Do they hire right on the spot after the interview with HR? Also, if I am... Read More

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    I would definitely not leave but I would definitely consider part time at Montefiore even though I'm beginning to question their level of professionalism. Im so happy for you and wish u all the best at your new job. =)

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    Quote from estrellaCR
    Hi HIghlyBlessed, haven't heard back from MOntefiore yet. My background check is cleared and I'm starting at Kings County next week, I'm happy. Also now its would be too late for me to reconsider Montefiore if I do hear back from them as they took really long in the whole process. If you get offer from them would you leave Yale? Since You just started there.
    Congrats estrellacr. I m happy for you. Which unit will you work in? I don't know the NYC hospitals take forever to get back to people. I don't live too far from Kings County and its a great learning hospital. Best of luck
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    Thank you, SherluckyRN! I will be in Maternal Infant Health inpatient. HHC takes about 3 weeks to 2 months to call you in for interview, depends on the hospital. Kings County was faster than other HHCs. Montefiore though not an HHC is quite slow as well in terms of hearing back with result of interview. I think all hospitals are overwhelmed with the amount of applicants as there are a lot of new grads seeking jobs as well as soon, there will be a lot of experienced nurses from hospitals that are closing (i.e. LICH and Westchester Square) or downsizing (Downstate).

    I would advise continuing education such as ACLS and NRP certifications and other classes. These along with health-care related work and/or volunteer experience help you stand out in the application process.
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    Hey all! I was offered a job at Montefiore last week and accepted yesterday. I appreciated reading all of your comments, so I'll shed some light on how I went about the process.

    I specifically applied for a job on the "Highlighted Job Opportunities" page, under "Careers." I sent my resume and a brief cover letter of sorts directly to the respective nurse recruiter. Two weeks later, I received a call directly from the nurse manager asking me to come in for an interview. In those two weeks, I heard nothing from the nurse recruiter, despite sending an email and leaving a message on her phone. I imagine, as someone previously stated, that the recruiters are incredibly overwhelmed.

    Anyway, the interview was very casual and at the end, I was offered a job on the spot. It seems like a very supportive environment and I'm excited to start.

    I hope that this helps someone, or sheds some light on the process. Good luck to everyone applying. Trust me - I understand how frustrating the NYC job market is.
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    Congrats CanuckRN2. Are you an experienced RN? Or do you have significant related experience such ad EMT or CNA? Most if not all of people on this thread are new grads with no hospital experience. This makes a big difference in the hiring process. Experienced nurses (or with connections or with EMT/CNA exp) have it a lot easier and faster. As per what I see on this thread all the new grads or people with no hospital exp had to go thru HR interview first and 2 to 3 months later, finally get interview with nurse manager.
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    Yes, I am an experienced RN. Sorry I couldn't be of more help to new grads.
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    Just curious. Why does Monte have so many open nursing positions as compared to other hospitals in the NYC area?
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    Hi! I have an interview at Monte this coming week. Did they give you the medication exam the day of your interview? Or did you have a few days to prepare before your exam? I have terrible test anxiety and the possibilty of having an exam the day of my interview makes me very nervous!!!
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    Hey highly blessed I was wondering how long was the hiring process for yale and how long did it take them to call you back with an offer
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    Hi. I was following up with your thread and was wondering what kind of questions you had for the basic nursing questions with montefiore. I got interview with them this coming Thursday and I am excited, at the same time nervous. I don't want to risk my chances. If I can get any informations, it would be very helpful. Any tips, interview questions and whatnot. Thanks

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