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Hi all. Was hoping someone could help describe the interview process to me at Montefiore. I am a new graduate, and have an interview with HR this week. Do they hire right on the spot after the... Read More

  1. by   RNjobseekerNYbred
    Hey everyone !! I've applied to several positions in Monte. I was extremely stubborn and only applied to OB positions (I want to pursue an MSN to be a CNM/WHNP and need the experience to enhance my app). I don't have an interview set up yet, but the status of my applications changed from 'application received' to 'under consideration'. Is this a good sign? Did this happen for you guys that got an intitial interview with HR ?
  2. by   BabyNurseNY
    RNjobseeker.... I saw the same thing on my status yesterday, probably for the same unit as you! Just got a call today for an interview. So if you haven't gotten a call yet, you will soon!
  3. by   RNjobseekerNYbred
    Cool ! Are you a new grad/newly licensed RN ? I'm being considered for an RN position in the Nursery and Post Partum. I'm too anxious ! When is your interview ? Is it with HR First, or with the Nurse Manager ? GOOD LUCK !!
  4. by   BabyNurseNY
    Yes I'm a new grad. The recruiter said it was for a post partum position. My interview is on the 24th with the nurse manager but the recruiter said she would be there too. Have you gotten a call yet? The recruiter said I was her first call today, but I hope they don't interview to many people! lol
  5. by   RNjobseekerNYbred
    I didn't get a call today. Maybe they call by last name in ABC order lol. I figure they called a few people today and will continue on Monday. I'm gonna keep my phone glued to my hand. I wonder if they consider people who haven't passed the NCLEX yet...

    I definitely put in 3 apps for Nursery and 3 for Postpartum and those were within the last few days/week. Either way, let's hope for the best. We may be coworkers soon !! (Speaking that into existence)
  6. by   MommyRN15
    Hi nicki6702, any chance you could message me the recruiters name? I'm not interested in post partum, would like to see if they are hiring med surg in the near future. Thanks
  7. by   idani
    Has anyone been interviewed by the nurse manager first? If so, can you share your experience please.
  8. by   RNjobseekerNYbred
    Hey MommyRN15, Montefiore posted Med surg jobs on June 3rd, June 6th, and at the end of last week, Check them out !
  9. by   lpark000
    idani, I have a friend who interviewed with NM first. It was a panel interview. Afterwards she said they called her and told her she basically was hired, but they had to wait for HR to post an opening. She interviewed next with HR (very basic questions since she was already practically hired) and had the pharm exam.
  10. by   NurseDreamerNYC
    I have been under consideration for over a week as well for a few positions. I hope to get a call soon *crosses fingers*...I've become extremely discouraged with the job market in NYC and hoping my luck turns around
  11. by   blessedBSNRN
    I got an email from Monte's NM last week. I replied by saying at NM's earliest convenience. I haven't heard from her since. Should I send follow-up email? Is this normal? I am a new grad......they wanted to interview me for ER position....
  12. by   lpark000
    Wow, ER position is great. Do you have experience as a volunteer or externship or something?
  13. by   RNjobseekerNYbred
    At which campus are you being considered ?