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Hi all. Was hoping someone could help describe the interview process to me at Montefiore. I am a new graduate, and have an interview with HR this week. Do they hire right on the spot after the interview with HR? Also, if I am... Read More

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    Estrella omg u are sooo lucky!! Congrats!

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    thank you sherluckyRN!!!!
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    Congrats Estrella!!!!! Can I ask, did you apply to monte in person or online? I hate that you can't upload a resume on the application online!
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    thank you! The job is at city hospital in BK. I have yet to hear back from Montefiore.

    I applied online for Montefiore and everywhere else before. I think it's the only way unless you know someone there that will hand deliver your resume to a recruiter. I also had no connections anywhere but I had some experience and certifications so that helped to get noticed.
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    Thank you HighlyBlessed! How are your first few days at Yale?
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    I absolutely love it! They are super motivating and really incest in training us. I definitely want to stay there for a while and then try for a l&d, ob position there
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    Did u start yet? How is it?
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    Not yet. Im still in background check process. But start date is first monday of the each month which will be April 1.
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    How exciting! Start date is the same at Monte! Have you heard back yet? I got tired of calling the recruiter...
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    Hi HIghlyBlessed, haven't heard back from MOntefiore yet. My background check is cleared and I'm starting at Kings County next week, I'm happy. Also now its would be too late for me to reconsider Montefiore if I do hear back from them as they took really long in the whole process. If you get offer from them would you leave Yale? Since You just started there.

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