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January 2014 NLN scores info for kings borough kbcc - page 4

those that took the test on the 6th/7th...? took it myself 1st time, had to really rush without much thought just to finish it, overall score it gave me was *121* , I wonder what the process is... Read More

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    Quote from Udacha
    what your engl score. my is 55%
    let us know if you got in, I got a similar english score , all else is good, my mail comes late in the day
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    I'm IN!!!! MY MAJOR CHANGED ON CUNY FIRST!!! everybody go check your accounts!!! Good luck!!!!!
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    I'll reply to your questions in the evening just in case someone starts calling the office again and starts pointing fingers. I regret sharing this information. God forbid I get that lady in trouble.

    I've also contemplated the possibility that she might have mistaken me for someone else. So you may be right, maybe I didn't get in. I haven't received my letter yet nor has my Cunyfirst account changed.
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    Quote from queenD85
    just got my letter, I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH THANK G-D! SO FREAKING HAPPY!

    QueenD85, does your cunyFirst account change??? Oh no....mine has not changed.....
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    Congratulations to those who got in! I am waiting for mine to come or change.
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    Congrats to all that got in! I'll be volunteering for orientation .. Hope to see you there =]
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    @nursingstudentjess Thank you so much for your kind words and great advice!! I'm looking forward to meeting you!!
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    Oh my....i got my letter but i dont dare to open it...my heart is beating so fast that i cant breath!!!!!
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    Yayyyyyy.....i am in! Missnomer, i believe you are in too since u said ur got similar english as mine (if you got good gpa).
    Anyway, i got my acceptance letter but my cunyfirst account has not updated yet. So just wait for the letter...

    I am so happy that I got in...
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    Congratulations @hopeforfuture!!!
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    Congrats @hopeforfuture
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    Thank you guys! Wish you all good luck. Now the next step is to get all paperwork done and submitted. Getting the letter means I am 50% done. Good luck to all
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    @jayceecee your welcome!

    Here's some tips!

    - make copies of ALL your paperwork you give to the dept!

    - do all the mandatory reading before the first class, and stay on top if it throughout the course!

    - do tons of NCLEX practice questions it will help a lot when tests roll around. ( invest in some supplemental books to complement your textbook. I had fundamentals reviews and rationales)

    - do not bleach your uniforms use oxyclean bleaching will yellow them!

    That's just a few off the top of my head!
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