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  1. nursingstudentjess

    Kingsborough Fall 2014 Clinical Applicants!

    Nursing exams are tricky they are not based on just recalling information .. You must take what you learned and apply it through critical thinking. I would suggest buying a fundamentals of nursing NCLEX style question book for practice questions they help a ton, you can probably also find some online for free! I hand wrote all my notes and made outlines for the tests reading, hearing the lecture, writing my outlines studying those, and then doing practice questions is how I studied all through out the program. Best of luck, if I could help with anything else feel free to reach out!
  2. nursingstudentjess

    North shore-LIJ Critical care fellowship 2015 oct

    The postings were already taken down .. they put them up and take them down quickly. You have to closely watch out for them or research when their new classes being. By doing a quick google search of nursing fellowships north Shore lij you should be able to find the information.
  3. nursingstudentjess

    RN-BSN student first PICOT question help!

    Thank you so much for your insight, I appreciate it! I should have thought of the implications behind my statement, I will try to come up with another one that is more in the realm of my practice.
  4. nursingstudentjess

    RN-BSN student first PICOT question help!

    I am new nurse who jumped right into a RN-BSN program, so besides clinicals I have no work experience as a RN yet. But, if I am understanding .. I should change it to (ex. therapeutic touch w/ medication vs. just medication)? As for as how to measure the outcome I haven't thought of that yet I'm just trying to get a handle on the format. How would that work with a situation like this that is so subjective?
  5. nursingstudentjess

    RN-BSN student first PICOT question help!

    Hi all! I am currently enrolled in a online RN-BSN program and this weeks lesson was on EBP and formation of a PICOT question. Although this is not part of my coursework this week, I wanted to get some practice in because I know this will become more prevalent as I move on into the program. This was my first stab at a PICOT question and I think I may be somewhat on the right path, but am feeling really unsure. Any insight will be helpful! Thanks in advance =) P - hospitalized patients with chronic pain I - alternative/complimentary methods of pain control (i.e. therapeutic touch, music, biofeedback, guided imagery) C - alternative/complimentary methods of pain control (i.e. therapeutic touch, music, biofeedback, guided imagery) PLUS pain medication administration as per MD order. O - For hospitalized patients with chronic pain, does alternative/complimentary methods of pain control (i.e. therapeutic touch, music, biofeedback, guided imagery) have more effective control over pain when combined with pain medication, as opposed to administering pain medication alone?
  6. nursingstudentjess

    Reviews & Rationals or MedSurg Success..

    I used both, but the success book contains more questions!
  7. nursingstudentjess

    Why did you become an MA?

    I became an MA to get my feet wet, and gain some hands on experience in the medical field. I knew it would be nothing compared to nursing, but I truly value my 6 years of experience as an MA. I learned a lot of valuable lessons that I will carry with me as I begin my nursing career.
  8. nursingstudentjess

    FAILED NCLEX RN 5 times! Desperate need of help!

    Try Uworld, I think it's $50.00 for a month subscription but well worth it. The rationales are great very extensive and informative. It was one of the resources I used along with Kaplan and hurst. I learned so much from the program. Don't give up, you made it through school .. you can do this!
  9. nursingstudentjess

    Re: New Grad orientation at New York Methodist

    I was wondering the same thing, I tried calling the number for HR in the listing today and left a message. I plan on calling back tomorrow until I reach someone!!!
  10. nursingstudentjess

    New grad resume help!

    Yes, I just messaged you!!
  11. nursingstudentjess

    New grad resume help!

    Thanks!! I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. nursingstudentjess

    New grad resume help!

    Hi all! I recently passed the state boards, and I am ready to start job hunting!! Attached is my resume I would appreciate any comments/critique on what I can do to better improve it. I had to go through a resume workshop and sit with a counselor at my school, but it was a 5 minute thing and not much advice was given. I would greatly appreciate any input! Thanks in advance =) - Jessica facebook resume.docx
  13. nursingstudentjess

    New grad resume advice =)

    Sorry for the horrid format, it's nicely bulleted and spaced in Microsoft word!
  14. nursingstudentjess

    New grad resume advice =)

    Hi! I recently passed the boards this week and am ready to start my job hunt I would love any comments/critique on what I can do to better improve my resume! Thank you in advance =) JESSICA L. -------- 123 No Where Drive, BKLYN, NY 11111 l C: (347) 999-9999 l Email EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2015 - (In progress) Bachelors of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Chamberlain College of Nursing 2012 - 2015 Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Kingsborough Community College – Brooklyn, NY GPA: 3.65 *Achieved Deans List Honor (3 semesters) *Two-time recipient of the Ambrose Rose Monell Scholarship for Excellence in the Clinical Nursing Program CLINICAL EXPERIENCE 9/2013 – 6/2015 • Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY Maternity Spring 2015 Woodhull Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY Pediatrics Spring 2015 Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY Oncology Fall 2014 Maimonides Medial Center, Brooklyn, NY Psychiatric Fall 2014 Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY Medical-Surgical Spring 2014 Lutheran Augustana, Brooklyn, NY Rehabilitation Fall 2013 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 5/2013-Present (PER DIEM) [NYU Langone] Brooklyn Endoscopy & Ambulatory Surgery Center, Brooklyn, NY Medical Assistant • Record patients' medical history, vital statistics and test result's in medical records. • Perform Vital signs / EKG's / Lactose Intolerance Test / Fructose Intolerance Test / Fecal Occult Test. • Maintain patient charts and confidential files. 11/2011- 5/2013 Manhattan Endoscopy Center, New York, NY Endoscopy Technician (Assistant Lead Tech) • Assisted alongside 17 + GI Doctors in a high volume facility; which focused heavily on client satisfaction. • Aided in EUS procedures, gastroscopies, and colonoscopies doing the following tasks: polypectomies, biopsies, hot biopsies, APC, clips, brushings for cytology, FNA's, dilations (Maloney and balloon), Esophageal Ablations, IRC's and aided in applying abdominal pressure. • Super User of multiple EMR systems (Amkai Charts, Amkai Client, ProvationMD, ProvationEHR). • Properly cleaned, and disinfected equipment and disposed of contaminated supplies. • Presented an in-service to staff on how to properly use Endo-clips. • Created a mediation team with two other co-workers to help boost staff moral, de-escalate problems quickly, and provide an outlet for staff to vent feelings and frustrations. • Took an integral part in helping prepare for DOH inspection, and JCAHO reviews. 3/2009- 12/2010 Manhattan Medical Practice (Gastroenterology Office/ Ambulatory Care Center) Staten Island, NY Endoscopy Technician • Assisted Doctor's in Endoscopies and Colonoscopies • Competently set up procedure rooms, maintaining medical asepsis. • Responsible for inventory, stocking, and ordering of supplies needed. SKILL HIGHLIGHTS • Computer application skills (Knowledgeable Multiple EMR's: EPIC, Provation EHR, Provation MD, Amkai Charts, Amkai Client, MS word, Excel and PowerPoint). • Pharmacology competence • Procedures: Wound care, catheterization, Tracheostomy Care, Suctioning, Injections: IM, SQ, PPD LICENSES Registered Nurse in the state of New York, License number [000000] Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification (8/2013 - 8/2015)
  15. nursingstudentjess

    2015 Pearson Vue Trick

    Yes you actually have to hit submit for it to work. What you can do is .. enter your correct card information with an invalid expiration date to avoid an actual charge going through! If it's the "good" pop-up it will tell you an exam has recently been scheduled and another registration cannot be made at this time. With the "bad" pop-up it would tell you that your card information is invalid because it was trying to bill you for another exam.
  16. nursingstudentjess

    Took my NCLEX today - Test shut off at 75 questions

    Congrats! I tested Tuesday with 75 questions (in New York) and got the good pop up as well! Anxiously awaiting my quick results. Your lucky your state BON posted your results so quick 😃