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HELP! new grad seeking employment- NYC area

  1. 0 Hi I graduated in Dec 2012 and passed the boards in Feb 2013. I am having the same difficulty as everyone else. All of the job postings require atleast one year experience. I do not have any nursing experience outside of my clinical rotations. I am seeking employment in the greater New York city area- I am open to Bronx,Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. I have applied to all hospitals in these areas. Does anyone have any advice about specific organizations that do hire new grads- outpatient clinics? residential treatment facilities? Substance abuse facilities? cancer treatment centers? Any staffing/recruiting agencies that are willing to work with new grads? Thanks for any advice.
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    Best ask the mods to move and or post your query on the local NYS nurses section. However be forwarned, as you already know things are not so great out there for even seasoned nurses much less new grads.

    Being as that may there are posts from local grads who have found work recently, so not all hope is lost.
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    I guess I can only reiterate what others have said on other threads -- if relocation is one of your options, I'd say do that. I'm a new grad too, graduated and took Boards at the same time as you. I'm from Houston, and the majority of hospitals weren't looking for new grads (but the hospitals had job fares for seasoned nurses). My classmates looked outside of Houston (some of them lived outside of Houston anyway), and they were able to find jobs. I had personal issues (my boyfriend is in the Air Force and stationed in an area that had more of a need for nurses than the Houston area), and me moving proved to be a blessing: five interviews, one job offer. No, it's not at the greatest hospital ever, but I have a job which is better than no job. Yes, it's a pay cut (standard of living here is lower than Houston), but it's experience.

    In the event moving isn't one of your options, I'd suggest dialysis. One of my interviews was for DaVita, but I decided not to pursue it. They have new grad programs, meant to get people who didn't want to work in the hospitals.
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    I don't know about non-hospital agencies specifically, but do know there are hospitals hiring new grads outside of the immediate NYC area. Stamford Hospital in CT has a new graduate nurse program - it's about a 45-minute train ride from Grand Central and the hospital provides a shuttle from the Stamford train station. Also St. Francis Hospital just outside Queens in Nassau County is hiring new grads. The commute there is not as easy though as the hospital isn't particularly close to an LIRR station.

    I know it's not the city, but if you can stick it out for a year at a place like that you will have a much greater chance of being hired by a hospital in the city.

    Good luck!
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    I have 1.5 years experience in med-surg with my Associates Degree. I'm having a hard time myself finding a job in the city, which is expected. Doing my BSN right now. I have like 1.5 year to go before I get my degree. Plan is to finish it and then start applying again.
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    Quote from thekidisback
    I have 1.5 years experience in med-surg with my Associates Degree. I'm having a hard time myself finding a job in the city, which is expected. Doing my BSN right now. I have like 1.5 year to go before I get my degree. Plan is to finish it and then start applying again.
    Hey thekidisback, I'm from Jersey, I also have my ADN and still no luck finding a job in the city. I have almost 2 years experience just like you. I feel like giving up, but I just keep trying and trying. You never of these days someone might call you for an interview days, weeks, or months from now. I'm just blessed to have a job right now...that's what I keep telling myself.

    Few months ago I received a phone call from Mount Sinai regarding a position I applied to. Unfortunately I was asleep at the time (I work night shift). The recruiter left me a message so I called back immediately only to get her voice mail. She never called me back again. I just thought it was kind of rude never to get back to my phone call. Oh well.... Guess she found someone else.
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    Apply everywhere, you never know who will take a chance on you. Also try other areas besides NYC and also other RN jobs besides in a hospital. Hiring especially of new grads has been slow and also as LICH in Brooklyn is closing soon and other 3 hospitals in Brooklyn are in financial dangers....there will be less hiring and also more experienced RNs looking for jobs. You dont lose anything by applying. You DO get called from just applying online as was my case and I had No connections to help me.