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  1. Having trouble gaining employment

    I'm an experienced nurse and even I'm having trouble finding employment in the city. I recently had an interview in the hospital I really want to get into. It was for a unit I have experience in (Telemetry) and I still didn't get the position I feel...
  2. Thinking of going back to school for either FNP or ACNP. Anyone which schools in the NYC area have good programs? Please.
  3. New York Presbyterian Nursing Attendants?

    A little off topic... Anyone know if NYP (specifically Cornell) employees do self-scheduling?
  4. I see nothing wrong with hanging out with coworkers outside of work. Like someone mentioned, just make sure you keep it "light and positive." It helps to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level and (for me at least) it improves teamwork. ...
  5. NYP Cornell & Colombia

    For those who currently or used to work for the NYP system.... Is it easy to transfer from facility to facility? Like say I want to transfer from Cornell to Columbia? What is the policy before transferring within the system? Is it 6 months or a year?
  6. Phone interview with mount sinai...

    I did not go through with the phone interview. I had an interview with another hospital and I'm waiting for that. Good luck!
  7. Phone interview with mount sinai...

    I got the same email for cardiac also! I did a phone interview with them before. They ask you about your experience and go over a little about the position, your preferences, etc. It was quick and not too stressful. Good luck!
  8. I would try linkedin and search for the recruiters based on hospital. Sometimes the recruiters post their email addresses as well.
  9. NYU Langone

    Thanks for answering my question! 8 beds to 3 nurses?? Sounds nice but I'm sure it can get busy.
  10. NYU Langone

    ok i'll try that. thanks
  11. NYU Langone

    Hello everyone! Anyone here work for NYU Langone? What kind of unit is 11E?
  12. What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    I work in a hospital that has a unit exclusively for the state's DOC. More pay! And no worries about the unit closing even if there is only 1-2 patients :)
  13. Anyone apply for BOP?

    I saw an opening with a BOP facility close to me. How is it working for BOP? Just intrigued me because the hospital I currently work at get patients from the BOP facility and when I was talking to the correctional officers they told me the benefits a...
  14. NYP New grad position

    It's a shame people like me can't even get a chance to interview with these people because I don't have those three letters. B...S...N Even if I say I'm currently enrolled and done by 7 months... sad!
  15. Elmhurst HHC Interview process?

    Wow, good for you! Good luck with your interview if you didn't do it yet. Question: What's the email you sent to get an interview? I have almost 2 yrs experience in the hospital but no BSN but I'm currently enrolled. Should be done by January 2014.