Failed Nursing. LPN or keep trying to get back into RN?

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    i failed nursing in community college. as it is well known no other community college will take me back and private schools are not so egger either, since my gpa dropped. i posted a thread about my situation and got great advice. thank you. now i have two questions. should i go for lpn and then bridge it to rn? and if i will do the bridge, are the schools still going to care that i failed nursing before? or should i go for phlebotomy, in order to work in the medical field and stay in my college raising my gpa and trying to readmit to rn? i am afraid that there is no guarantee and a lot of time wasted if i will stay in college and every semester trying to readmit. also there is not much i can take towards my major since all my pre req are done. i know it is based on my choice and preference. but i hit the bottom and do not know where to even go from here on. thank you for any advice.

    my previous post regarding me failing nursing and my situation. >

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    Some schools are willing to take you back. I suggest you retake your science classes and score all As to bring your GPA up. After failing out of nursing, you really want to impress the next school with a perfect GPA to show them you're serious about starting over. So after taking your science and scoring high, maybe you can take some random "easy" classes just to bump up your GPA even more. They will mostly look at your required pre-reqs, but a nice overall GPA helps too.

    I don't know if you work but if you don't, you can take all these classes in a year (summer,fall and spring) and be ready to apply again for next fall. Also, I wouldn't lie or hide the fact that you're dropped from another nursing school. A lie would automatically disqualify you.

    I know CUNY will not take you back, but SUNY might. Try a private school, let them take a look at your transcript and advice you. They are more willing to work with you than CUNY/SUNY.

    You can also go for LPN. I don't think they care about your academic history as much.

    Good luck!!
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    If you have done your research and found that no school will accept you for RN, at this point I would encourage you to become an LPN, then try to get into a bridge program.
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    I would suggest the LPN because for a lot of schools, its not the GPA they are really looking at but the fact that you failed out so they may not accept you whether your GPA is high or not. I don't think the bridge program will care much if you failed RN school because you will be a licensed LPN and that should hold some weight.
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    thank you so much for all reply
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    And since you are a NY resident, the Excelsior College LPN to RN program will also be available to you along with any traditional LPN to RN bridge programs in your area.
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    Honestly as a clinical supervisor with a background in teaching CNAs I honestly think you might need a better appreciation of what you are moving toward. I would strongly suggest that you start LPN school in September and for the summer either volunteer or if money is an issue ( I know it is for me!!LOL) then maybe take the CNA course and see how you like it. In NY it is mandatory that you do 30 hours in a clinical site and I have seen those facilities hire from my students! It also will help you with meds in LPN school with is a challenge for some folks since it does involve critical thinking. Should I hold this dose based on V/S? does this resident need a respiratory tx? reach out to me if you want to talk or PM me anytime!
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    Thank you for advice once again. Does anyone know any good LPN program in new york city? ( 5 boroughs) I looked through some online, but they all sound good. As for CNA, I was thinking of going for CPCT or Certified Clinical Medical Asst. Isnt it better and more advanced?
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    What if he/she doesn't send in transcripts to the future schools, assuming that the future school doesn't find out? Has that ever worked?
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    Quote from wishingupon
    What if he/she doesn't send in transcripts to the future schools, assuming that the future school doesn't find out? Has that ever worked?
    Despite my previous advice on this subject, one really is playing with fire by being less than honest when applying to any place of higher education.

    The world is very small now thanks to the Internet, and there are other ways besides transcripts to find out where or if someone attended college or whatever before.

    Financial aid is the first thought that comes to mind. One only gets a certain amount of NYS and Pell aid. If one applies as a rank freshman, and applies for aid, any previous awards will be subtracted, and you get what is left of your balance. Do not know if either the state or federal government gives full printouts to financial aid offices including previous awards, and the schools it went to, but surely someone might wonder why a new freshman cannot get full awards if entitled.

    Finally these days you really don't want to give anyone, be it an employer or school a vaild reason to discharge you for cause. Lying on an application can be one of those reasons, and it would really be horrible say three-quarters through a program, where one is doing very well to be called out and removed for not disclosing information as requested/required.

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