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  1. by   misshopeful16
    Hi guys!. I am also looking forward to applying to Columbia for the 2013 entry. I just graduated with a B.S. in Health Science and I've completed all my prerequisites. My cumulative GPA is average definitely not IVY status but my prereq's are a 3.4 total. I have volunteered in a major hospital on floors that include Med-surge, Post-Partum, ICU, and Emergency. I acquired a lot of hours. I still have yet to take the GRE, I plan to this fall. Does anyone know the exact deadline? They used to have an early decision deadline. I've found two on the website for ETP OCT 15th and NOV 15th. If anyone one knows it's appreciated!
  2. by   DanielCA
    Hey everyone,
    I'm planning to apply to the ETP for CRNA program.

    I hear that it is competitive (5 spots?), but I think I've got a shot. I'll share some of my stats, and you can tell me what you think. I did undergrad with a degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, 2001. My gpa then was only 3.14. Since then, I've been knocking out pre-reqs with a 4.0 in my last 30 units or so, and my total gpa will probably be about 3.35 when I apply.

    My GRE was 170 Math (99th percentile), 166 verbal (97th percentile), 5.5 writing (96th percentile). I think I can get pretty good LORs. I'm not sure what to write in my essay, but I know I can at least make sure it is well-written.

    Overall, I think my chemistry background will be a plus for anesthesia. If they give due weight to my GRE, it's definitely a strong point (though it seems like they downplay it a bit), and my gpa shows a radical upward trend toward 4.0. On top of that, I have life experience galore. I have over 100 hours of volunteer time at a local hospital, as well as other volunteer and business experience.

    I've already been accepted to Drexel's ACE program and think it might be my backup. However Drexel starts in January, and I read somewhere that Columbia doesn't let you know until February for your acceptance. I'm hoping if I apply by the "early decision" date, maybe that will speed things up. Does anyone know the deal with this? When do they give a decision if you apply by the oct. 15th deadline? I'm going to email them about it.

    y'all think I've got a shot?
  3. by   fromCAtoNY
    Hey All -

    My name is Jenna, I am from CA originally but moved to NY in January of this year. I currently hold a bachelors degree in Fashion design and work in the fashion industry now, however I want to make a career change to nursing and become a FNP. I started doing the research recently when I came across Columbia's ETP program and I know for sure this is what I want to do.

    I have been studying like a mad man for the GRE since I know I am very bad at taking standardized tests. They look for 50th percentile or higher @ Columbia for admissions so I am hoping I can give myself enough time to retake the GRE if needed. My academics are in very good standing, graduating with an overall 3.7 GPA from my undergrad. I will be taking 3 pre-requisites in the fall, anat & phys and statistics which will leave me with the microbiology to take in the spring semester. I know I can write a decent personal statement and get some good letters of rec, but the one thing I am worried about is the resume/CV seeing as how almost all of my experience is fashion related. I will be starting to volunteer this week but I am worried that it might be too little too late compared to other applicants.

    I managed to attend the first information session on the ETP program in which they shared quite a bit of information. So to answer Daniel's question above about early admissions, they are not doing that this year. There will be one deadline for the application, Oct 15th. They will, of course, make the application available earlier and encourage everyone to get their application in earlier rather than later.

    Best of luck to everyone!
  4. by   MTroup
    Hi everyone:

    Regarding the ETP-Anesthesia program, does anyone know, due to the very limited time to obtain ICU employment (which in itself is hard enough right out of school), does Columbia assist in finding positions? For instance, some kind of "career services"?

    Or asked differently, have any candidates to the ETP program for anesthesia lost their position in the program due to their inability to find an ICU position quickly?

    Thanks for the information.
  5. by   Ginamarie119

    Did they happen to mention when they would be notifying students of acceptance? Columbia is my first choice, but I was hoping that they would continue early decision so that I would receive notification prior to the start of the PACE CDP program in January. This really throws a wrench into things for me. Thanks!

    I am sure that your resume will be fine. Since this is a program designed for career changers, I bet it is a pretty standard "problem" Good luck!!

  6. by   fromCAtoNY
    Hi Gina -

    I am fairly certain they make their decisions in February and let everyone know sometime that month. I don't want to be giving out any false information on this thread though so I think if you are concerned about the PACE CDP program I would just give the admissions office @ Columbia a call and ask them directly.

    Their admissions office # is (800)899-8895.

  7. by   kpinkertonlloyd
    I am applying to the 2013 ETP CNM cohort. I doubt I will get in due to the competitiveness of the specialty and my problematic academic history, but I think I would be excellent in the program and I know I need to become a CNM, so here I am applying! The problem I have is that I went to SDSU from 2003-2006 for 56 units at a 2.0. Those were my crazy days..sigh....I have since matured and have done very hard work to pull that up....I will graduate 12/2012 Suma Cum Laude from Sacramento State U. in Women's Studies. My past 70 units are at a 3.97 GPA. My cumulative GPA from all four institutions I have been at will total at around 3.1. My four core science prereqs are all to be completed fall 2012-Spring 2013, and I expect with continued dilligence and sweat I will pull Bs and As for those. Will take GRE 8/15/2012 and hope to score well as I am studying daily for it. I have been employed on postpartum units as a lactation counselor at a local hospital system for the past year, and have been a childbirth educator with the same system for the last two years. Another problem with my application situation is that I have only seen two births! I did birth my own kid 4 years ago, and have 2 births to hopefully doula at next month (very tenuous since I am also in school full time, work two jobs and have the kid!)... I am completing a doula training program as we speak and hope to be a certified doula as well as IBCLC by July 2013, but those are in progress and obviously not done by application time for Colombia, so I doubt my certifications-in-progress will affect the admission committee decision to admit me or not. I will be a CNM within the next 4-15 years no matter what, I just hope to knock it out sooner than later! So c'mon, Colombia, lemme in! Thanks for the community. I have been pouring over these threads for long enough as an anonymous creep, and I am pleased to join the threads.Blessings to everyone as you seek out your calling. I am terribly excited for all of us.
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  8. by   Justabitoff
    I'm thinking about applying to Columbia, but for matriculation in 2014. The only school I can apply for next year is Concordia, because their term starts in the fall. I'll also apply to NYU and Pace for matriculation in 2014, as well as Columbia, although Columbia starts the latest and takes the longest, but I think it would be so great to go there. Looking forward to reading how everyone likes / dislikes it!
  9. by   joaniiieh31
    Hello everyone!!

    Does anyone know if anyone who were accepted in the program had to drop out because they didn't get approved for private loans? Or, once you are accepted, CUSON will do their best to give you all the funds you need.. even if you have not so good credit??
  10. by   kpinkertonlloyd
    Re: your july 26 post....I would love to hear the answer to those questions too, joanileh... Im wondering if I can be poor and also be a grad student at a private university!
  11. by   hopefulforColumbia
    Hey Everyone!
    I am applying to the BS/MS ETP program this fall with hopes of Matriculation in 2013! I don't think I have ever wanted anything this bad in my LIFE, so keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers! I was wondering if anyone has located the program goals that they ask our personal statement to be congruent with? I cannot seem to find them anywhere online. Also, does anyone know how much weight GRE scores have on the application? I will be taking the GRE in september and I'm starting to get nervous.
  12. by   kpinkertonlloyd
    I just took GRE today. 162 verbal, 147 quant. Will know essay scores in 2 weeks. The test was vexing as F. My scores equal 640 verbal/576 quant. On old ETS grid. So in verbal I am 89%ile and math 31%ile. I did bad. I did well. I am hopefully a valid candidate, while not utterly remarkable... With a cumulative score which is equivalent of 1210 in old terms. we shall see....

  13. by   joaniiieh31
    @ kpinkertonlloyd nice you are done with the GRE. I will be taking mine in September and I am so nervous. Been studying hard the past few weeks. You scored pretty high on verbal, any tips?

    @hopefulforColumbia hi. I will be taking the GRE in sept. as well. Same feelings, so nervous!!