Associate degree new grad working in nursing home

  1. Hey please give me some advice. I'm a new RN with an associate degree in NYC. I have been offered a job in a nursing home with 30-40 patients, do you think this a good job for a new RN to get experience? I don't have any experience and hospitals in NY are looking for bachelors and at least 1-2 years of experience. Also how many weeks of training should I receive?
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I do think this job will give you that valuable experience you need to get a hospital job in a few years. In terms of the length of your orientation, this should have been discussed at the interview or once you were offered a job.
  4. by   karmax1
    With an AAS in nursing without any acute care setting experience, that is the only job you can hope for. If you need a hospital job, you need to go somewhere else. I hope this help. I have been there.... It is much easier to get one in one of the states in the South. I will return to New York next January.
  5. by   Thanksforthedonuts
    My suggestion is to get working on your bachelors degree while your at it. I have had new grads from my cohort (in Seattle) move to New York City for acute care positions. I think even with 1-2 years experience they will still prefer a BSN over an ASN, especially if they are aiming for magnet status.
  6. by   Squidelle
    Would you mind sharing any tips on places to apply. I am worried that without a Bsn and no nursing experience I won't find anything. I have applied to over 300 postings over the past week and I am preparing myself in case I don't hear back.
  7. by   ga_super
    300 in one week? Quality is better than quantity, apply to 3-5 listings a day and make sure you write a coverletter that properly responds to the employer's requirement. Maybe you should contact your school's career center and have them take a look at your coverletter and resume.
  8. by   Squidelle
    My school doesn't have anything like that, unfortunately. I have been searching night and day and applying to anything that is a possibility. I tweak my cover letter depending on the position. I received a few calls this morning but I am still trying to go about this in the best way possible. The calls have resulted in two agencies offering LTC positions-which isn't great but is a foot in the door which is a blessing here in NYC
  9. by   JWEMT
    Been there done that. 1.5 year nursing home and then went to hospital. Finished up BSN while working at nursing home. Had some coworkers that were new grads in my orientation.