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  1. karmax1

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    The most horrible thing is that when you are giving up your hope! This is America. There is always a hope somewhere but you have to look for it. Just don't give up.
  2. karmax1

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    https://bon.texas.gov/pdfs/disciplinary_sanction_policies_pdfs/policy_minor_criminal.pdf If your DUI conviction is more than 10 years and it is a single conviction. Also, if you are not currently on probation, you can always come to Texas. Regarding to mental illness, each state is different.
  3. karmax1

    Night shift to day shift interview

    I would say my girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever that might be c/o having me working night shift. See if that will work. You will also need to leave an option to the hiring nursing manager by saying "I prefer night shift and that is my first choice." Just to make sure you are a "negotiable person."
  4. karmax1

    Getting accepted with petty drug possesion

    Well, when you have an arrest record, that "arrest" record will follow you around in county, state as well as federal levels. On the other hands, if you are not arrested, it is only pop up on a county level where the "crimes" you were committed.
  5. Have you tried to send a message to Florida BON and ask the Board about it? Or just call them! You don't have to give your real name. Sometimes, the BON will give you a very clear answer about your questions. If you have money, you can ask a lawyer. Sometimes, the first consultation fee for a lawyer is free. You have to shop around. You can also ask your questions on AVVO. I hope this will help. How long ago are your DUI's convictions?
  6. karmax1

    Getting accepted with petty drug possesion

    First, I am not a lawyer. But if you were not arrested and only "fine and cost," you probably did not even have a criminal background. Were you fingerprinted or booked? If not, I think you shouldn't worry. I live in the South and all moving traffic violations are misdemeanors in nature and I got a "passing a stopped school bus" violation. I spoke with the BON and I even emailed a message to BON. I was told, "As long as you were not arrested, you don't need to report that traffic violation." My lawyer said the same thing. I also almost hired a lawyer who was used to work for Board of Nursing and he said the same thing. If you were arrested and booked, that will be a different story. However, if a name based criminal search on a county level, you name might pop up. From what I know is that if you were not arrested, the "crime" will not be reported to FBI or DOJ. This is the reason why when you apply for a nursing license, you might ask to be fingerprinted because there is a fingerprint based criminal background check. But since you were not arrested, you should "relax." The meaning of an "arrest" by definition is when a police officer moved you from one location to another for further processing such as mugshot and fingerprint. Just make sure you speak to a lawyer or ask for free on AVVO site, this web site has a lot of lawyers answering questions you might have. This is America! There is always a hope somewhere waiting for you. You have to look for it. In Texas, if misdemeanor is 5 years old, the BON won't even do anything.
  7. karmax1

    Question about license

    Also, different states have different opinions about nurses with criminal histories. It is really case-by-case. You have to show the board that you are really a changing person. You will need to start it all over again. Doing volunteer work somewhere--in a church, homeless shelter or just somewhere. Have a well-known person to write you a letter of recommendation will also help. You will need to wait certain amount of time and show people you are really a different person. Make sure you don't get into troubles again for 5 years will help.
  8. karmax1

    Washington State License with Misdemeanors

    Thank you for sharing! I am happy to see a happy ending. Let's look forward! This is America and no one can tell you what is not possible in your life.
  9. karmax1

    Question about license

    This section is about sharing your experience. Asking for a legal advice is not the place to being with. You can ask a lawyer who is specialized in nursing field. I am sure someone out there will be able to answer your questions. However, there is another section in Allnurses.com allows you to ask a legal advice. I just don't remember where you can find it. This is the United States of America. Unless you are giving up, there is always a hope somewhere. Google it "nurses with felony convictions in the past." Don't give up please. Go by your heart! It is not the end of your world.
  10. karmax1

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    That is the way is. With all these technologies around, in the future, human nurses will be replaced by robotics. Do you know artificial intelligence can now think on its own? Also, some robot can even walk like a human. You can check that out or google it "Boston Dynamics." Those CEO's running the hospitals are not nurses. They only have cost cutting in their minds. My prediction: Nurses will be replaced by robot in the future.
  11. karmax1

    Dropped misdemeanor

    Just be honest. Explain everything in detail when you answer the questions! Some nursing jurisdictions will use both fingerprinted based and name based criminal background checks. If it is a name based, your case will pop up. If you were arrested/fingerprinted, only the fingerprinted based criminal background check will pop up. It will be very difficulty to predict your case. But it seems to me the charges against you were weak to begin with. Again, just be honest about it. Open it up instead of letting the Board find out about it. Only the Board can determine the outcome. Don't think too much. There is always hope somewhere and you have to be positive. The outcome sometimes is so positive and when you look back, you may ask why did I think too much? I recently had a traffic citation in one of the Southern States. All traffic offenses in the South are misdemeanor in nature. I was so worried and I was crying, depressed and loss of appetite. Instead of feeling sad, I wrote a note to the Board, explaining everything in detailed and I sent it to the Board via email. The result said, "As long as you were not arrested/fingerprinted, there is no need to report it. I was so relived. Of course, my case is different from yours and it is most likely it is in different jurisdictions. Some states are open minds about the criminal history. In my case, if you go to Texas, the BON will consider it as a "minor traffic violation." Do not just confine yourself to only one jurisdiction. Move around will help. Good luck.
  12. karmax1

    HELP! Exception from Disqualification how long??

    What was the outcome? Can you share?
  13. karmax1

    Washington State License with Misdemeanors

    What is the outcome? Each state is very different. If you go to Texas, the BON clearly stated that it will not "take any action if criminal conviction entered more than 5 years before licensure." If the crime is a more serious one, if it happened more than 10 years, it states "it will take no action." Please update your status and let us know. It is not hopeless unless you are giving up. There is always hope somewhere and you have to look for it. Good luck.
  14. karmax1

    TX BON- underaged drinking ticket in PA

    Texas BON has an age based minor criminal history review. If it happened more than 10 years, even with a class A misdemeanor, the Board will take no action when you apply for a license. I hope this will help. You guys can get the info from crimianl history and nurse licensuree-NCSBN Texas."
  15. karmax1

    New York State RN App Denial

    Also, are you aware of the fact that Texas Board of Nursing has the age based minor criminal history review. It says "The Broad will not take action if conviction entered more than 5 years before you applying for a license." Even a class A misdemeanor, if it happened more than 10 years ago, the Broad will take no action on your offenses. It states clearly from the info shown below. You can find the info by googling "criminal history and nurse licensure-NCSBN texas" or something like that. Each state is different. Keep it positive. There is always a hope somewhere. You have to look for it. I found out facing a hardship in my life can actually make myself a better person.
  16. karmax1

    New York State RN App Denial

    Try to apply in some states that is "open minded." I found Texas is one of them. I had a misdemeanor traffic violation in one of the Southern States, but Texas considers that traffic violation as a "minor violation" or an infraction ( unclassified misdemeanor). I was not arrested or fingerprinted. I was advised by Texas BON that I will not have to mention my traffic violation when I renew my RN license. Did you check a list of "acceptable misdemeanor offenses" from Tx BON? It is very easy to google it. Also, you have to show the Broad that you are a changing person. Being a volunteer in homeless shelter or somewhere will help. The crimes you committed are considered to be moral turpitude. Have someone famous to write you a letter of recommendation will also help. It is not hopeless, you have to start from the bottom again. Be positive, be active and stay strong. I wish you well. We all have down time in some points of our lives.