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Hey folks.... Happy New Year to all! With this New Year comes a new job. I accepted a position at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell). Interview process took several months but I was... Read More

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    I interviewed at that event too with less than a years experience! I graduated last summer and started working on a telemetry unit. I was just wondering if you got an offer for the department you interviewed for or an offer for another interview?
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    I got a job offer for the position I interviewed for at the event!
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    Congrats PomPomLady!

    I've had two interviews so far, one during the experienced RN event and then another last week at a different department. I did not get the position that I originally interviewed for, but the talent acquisition team asked if I was interested in another department and I said Yes! I am currently waiting for them to get back to me. I was just wondering how long it took for you to hear back from them? Also, in your NYP career portal did the status change at all? Mine still says "Under Review."
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    I have not even checked to be honest if the status changed! It took them 3 days to get back to me. Apparently I'm supposed to start next week though- onboarding is taking very long I told them I needed two weeks notice for my other job .... And they still haven't gotten back ... I may have to ask to start at a later date :-/ did not want to give my notice without the official offer.
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    I see. I know that there are two upcoming employee orientations on Nov. 9 and Dec. 7. Orientation for the floor itself will be about 10-12 weeks, more if needed. Well, I hope you get to start on your original date! If not, and if I get this job (fingers crossed), we might cross paths at the later one in December. Congrats again!!!!
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    Thanks for the update! The Nov 9 or Dec would actually work- I do really want to give my job plenty of notice! Good luck with your job and stay positive!! That would be great if we ran into one another :-)!!!
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    Can anyone please give me any information on the pharm exam? Im freaking out over here!
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    Any tips for the exam would be greatly appreciated!
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    hey! I have an interview in the ED coming up at you have any pointers for me? Do you remember what kind of questions they asked in the interview?? thanks so much!!!
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    does anyone know if they hire smokers.. i kno some hospitals are now going tobacco free

    does nyp test for nicotine suring the onboarding process?? anyone??
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    Can someone please send me a copy of the pharm exam, it would be greatly appreciated! please send it to
    Thank you!
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    Hi! I am taking the pharm exam next month -- would anyone be willing to share? My email is Thanks!
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    Hello All,

    Has anyone had an interview at NYP Cornell recently. Have an upcoming interview, was wondering what to expect.

    Any guidance and help will be appreciated!

    Thank You