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Hey folks.... Happy New Year to all! With this New Year comes a new job. I accepted a position at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell). Interview process took several months but I was... Read More

  1. by   myRN85
    Thanks Tern! That's a sweet schedule. I was hired as "variable days/nights" 12.5 hr shifts. From what I hear, they will have me working mostly nights. I haven't had too much experience with HR for this transfer yet. I won't deal with them until after I pass this test. So lucky you got waived! I heard they made the exam harder in 2009, but your right I passed the boards, so I should be able to pass this. I know you must be happy about your salary change! Congrats again!
  2. by   jd74_RN
    just wondering how long did you guys get called for the second interview with a nurse manager after your initial interview? also, after the second interview how long did they get back to you if your hired? about the pharm test when did they schedule you for that test? is that after the second interview? any insights/feedback will be appreciated. thanks.. :-)
  3. by   PRNketamine7
    Hi there. I actually had my interviews the same day, but I know others who had them on different days. I got a call back that night that I was moving on to the be t step in which they complete a background check, contact your previous employers ext. once all of that came back about 3 weeks later I got a call to schedule my preemployment stuff ( pharm exam, physical). Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
  4. by   jd74_RN
    hello esc_newnurse thank you for your feedback however NYP emailed me that they have given the position to another qualified candidate. appreciate your response though..good luck and take care..
  5. by   FutureCRNA15
    Do y'all happen to know what the night differential is? I see the base pay is 78
  6. by   PRNketamine7
    I think it is 6000 per year.
  7. by   myRN85
    night diff =$3 p/hr, so $5,850 p/yr
  8. by   akajor
    Hi tern!

    I'm a new grad nurse (2010) and I really wanted to work at NYp, but I really dont know how to go about it. I mean I applied to the positions that I deem to match my requirements but to no avail. I have a 6 months experience working in LTC/REhab in the Bronx.
    Please help! thanks!
  9. by   PRNketamine7
    I think if you have under 1 year of experience you apply to the new grad pool. I may be wrong.. You can always call and ask!
  10. by   RNcompassionate
    Just an update on what happened after my phone interview....Well it went well and the recruiter said she would give my resume to a nurse manager and I would be contacted in a few weeks but I received an email a few weeks later saying I wasnt chosen for an interview but I should keep applying. Well on a more positive note, I'm pleased to say that I have an interview coming up next week at The Hospital For Special Surgery. Yaay !! I'm excited !! Wish me luck !! fingers and toes crossed !!!
  11. by   Slimlady727
    I've recently got hired for a position at NYP. I already work there and applied for my transfer back in April. I interviewed with a Recruiter in June and then a Nurse manager in October. Be prepared to wait, bc they only call if there is an opening on a unit that is and if you are a new grad, it may take longer only if the unit is hiring New grads. I consistantly contacted HR every week during the summer, keeping my name in their ear. With new grads they ask your preference in the inital phone interview and they try to cater to your preference. After not hearing anything for a while, I told them that I prefer a job (bc my preference was OB/Peds/ICU).

    After meeting with the Nurse Manager I heard about 1 week later that I got the position. I was supposed to start on Nov 19th, but bc of the storm I wouldnt be able to have my physical and take the pharm exam in time, so I'll be starting in Jan.

    My advise is, if you dont hear anything, dont give up just keep being persisitant.
  12. by   estrellaCR
    Oh wow even when you already worked there it took you so long (from interview in June to start in November)? That means for us external applicants will take even longer or never. I heard all hospitals in NYC including NYP are swamped and have way more applicants than jobs open. I'm a Jan 2012 grad and I applied to the new grad waitlist. I have almost 6 months of experience as RN in home care (pediatrics) and previous healthcare experience in pediatrics also (but not RN as it was after my first bachelors and while I was going to school for my BSN). I tried to apply to other positions as my waitlist application cannot be updated and it has old info from when I apply in January. However applying to the other RN positions I get a window at the end saying my application cannot be submitted b/c I do not have "1 year of RN experience" though I have certifications including NRP and ACLS and have worked in healthcare.
  13. by   DoGoodThenGo
    All the top tier Manhattan hospital systems such as Mount Sinai, NYP, NS-LIJ/Lenox Hill, Hospital for SS, and so forth have a *wide* recruitment net. Local new grads and experienced nurses are competiting against those from NJ, Conn, LI, Westchester and in many cases furhter away than that.

    Consider also some systems such as NYP consider internal applicants before going outside. Even if one has worked as a housekeeper at NYP as a new grad you'll be considered before they look externally.

    Because NYC money is *that* good turnover isn't what you'd expect. People will put up with allot when the money is right. *LOL*