New Mexico Licensure Question

  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how one should go about applying for the State board in New Mexico? After the school sends the official transcript and after completing the fingerprinting requirements, how long will it take before one could be given an ATT? Thanks and have a nice day!
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  3. by   mizukichan
    i also happen to apply for new mexico but still im completing my requirements first before i send it to them.... well according to their packet which i downloaded from their website... it would take 2-3 weeks or a month before ATT will be given... it is really fast and your cousin have to prepare herself for the exams... im currently having my online nclex review here in general santos city....

    also... their fingerprinting cards is different from other states... you have to request directly to the NM BON for the cards... and they are the ones who will evaluate your transcript... plus it is much cheaper to apply for licensure there in NM....

    well i hope that will help you....

    so keep in touch then...
  4. by   rn4ever?
    thanks for the information Have a nice day!
  5. by   mizukichan

    and if by any chance i have new information... i will share it to you then...

    keep in touch then....
  6. by   SweetRNlikeme
    Yeah, they say that the ATT will be released 2-3 weeks after you submit the application/fingerprint requirements. But look at me, I am applying for the NM BON, and I submitted my application/fingerprinting first week of March, (March 1), but until now, I haven't received my ATT yet. I am emailing the clerk every now and then, following up my status and she has said that she has not come across my applications yet. baka madaming nag-aapply sa ngayon. kaya better do not delay your applications, that's what i have learned. Hopefully i can take the test by May... Pray for me ATT release.. and keep'n touch! =) Good luck to us!
  7. by   gracediwa
    Some said NM needs CES. Did you applied for the CES too? OR they evaluate your documents like vermont and California?
  8. by   kiko88
    does anyone know the ssn requirement of nm? is it compulsory for the issuance of nm license card after passing the exams? how about during the renewal of the nm license, is the ssn required? thanks...
  9. by   gracediwa
    SS# is not a prerequisite. about the renewal, i don't know. hope someone who knows better answer our queries.
  10. by   subacute nanny
    I filed last March and my application to NM BON was so fast. 3 weeks for the evaluation of my credentials and a week for my application and fingerprint requirements. I got my ATT after 4 days.Just keep on following-up your status...
  11. by   mizukichan
    To SweetRNlikeme... i see that you send them e-mail for following-up... i suggest that you call directly from their office and know your status... it would be helpful if you did this... it might be expensive but it is worth it... maybe you are right regarding that many are really applying for licensure especially a number of them comes from the philippines.... well i hope i can get my ATT after i send them the requirements next week... (-cross fingers-)

    NM will be the ones who are going to evaluate our transcript so there is no CES needed....

    i don't know about the SSN... im not sure since i am filing my application for new mexico for the first time...

    well... good luck to all of us...
  12. by   kiko88
    some friends are asking. did anyone here use dollar demand draft from a philippine bank to pay nm department of public safety in connection with the fingerprint requirement? was it accepted without delaying/affecting the application with the nm bon?

    the instruction says either cashier's check or money order for $31, other forms of payment will not be accepted. the problem is that philippine banks do not issue cashier's check or money order for this type of transaction. if anyone here recently used a dollar demand draft from philippine banks, did the nm dps accept it?

    thank you for helping.
  13. by   gracediwa
    try ibank. a friend of mine got her cashier's check drawn in US bank (New York) at ibank.
  14. by   Ethan_mike
    I've a friend who applied to NM last December...she got eligible to take the exam mid January 2006, took the exam 1st week of February. 3 weeks after that, NM board sent her a little green card indicating it was her permanent license...and no she did not have an SSN.