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  1. mizukichan

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    ...hello shrix00.. i also been on the same situation like you... i took the exam last november and i failed... so many people rely on you.. so many things I have done but i feel that all of those efforts are all in vain... many people are disappointed of the result.... *sigh* i just wish this is not happening... i often sleep a lot during the day and thinking not to wake up again... so depressing... i am planning to take the exam next year and have my ATT this month... i am losing confidence and don't know what to do... where to start... im confused up to this now... and problems are rising in the family... *sigh* well... in life.. you've got to move forward... i feel like you did shrix00 but all i can say is... take a deep breath and MOVE FORWARD in life... (that's how i go through all of this)
  2. mizukichan

    HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

    it is true that you have to interchange track when you go to sheung wan... (you change track from the red tung chung line to the blue island line) but you cannot encounter any problems when you interchange... just follow the signs and you won't get lost... trust me... FOLLOW THE SIGNS... Sheung wan is the nearest station to Grand millenium plaza... when you get out the exit and turn left a little... there it is the 2 big buildings... on the left is the grand millenium plaza and the on the right is the cosco tower.... you really can't miss it.. hope this helps...
  3. mizukichan

    HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

    ei...bonsai... you can visit this website MTR Corporation Limited here you can check the fares.... (MTR only) or try searching in yahoo citybus in hong kong... visit the hongkong international airport website... they provide information for the tourist to know more about hong kong.... and here's a little bit of information which i got from the hong kong visitor's kit booklet...:smilecoffeecup: ~~~~~~~~ TRANSPORT TAXIS Urban taxis are red, green in the New Territories and blue on Lantau island. Flag fall is HKD 15, 12.5, 12 respectively for the first2 kilometers.Additional charges of HKD 1.40, 1.20 respectively apply for every o.2 kilometers thereafter. Extra charges for tunnel and bridge tolls, driver's return toll and luggage handling. Always ask for a receipt. This can help you track down lost items or the taxi driver.By law, passengers are requires to use seatbelts provided in Hong Kong taxis... MASS TRANSIT RAILWAY (MTR) Try the efficient underground rail system, the MTR, that covers all majorurban areas and provides a convenient jumping-off point for getting to leading tourist attractions. Apart from the Airport Express, there are six lines: the Island, Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong, Tseung Kwan O, Tung Chung and Disneyland Resort. FERRIES A plethora of ferries ply the waters of Hong Kong connecting HOng Kong Island, Kowloon, and the outlying islands. Star Ferry is the HOng Kong's most scenic and inexpensive mode of travel across Victoria Harbour. Ferries travel between Kowloon and Hong kong island from piers in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung HOm in Kowloon and Central and Wan Chai on the island. Adult fare for an upper deck seat is HKD 2.20 to 5.30, depending on route. ~~~~~ here's the list on major transportation in Hong Kong... and sorry if I did not include the bus in hong kong.... well ... i hope this will help you on your journey to hong kong... there's always free booklets, maps which you can get when you arrive in the hong kong international airport... just visit the websites above.... here always to lend a hand....
  4. mizukichan

    Failed 3rd Time HELP!

    this was the one of the nice things i've read in this website... it encouraged me to try and move forward... i also failed for the first time... and i hope i can make it the next time i try again... thank you very much for sharing... i think maybe i too overestimated my abilities... i think there is so much confidence in me that i think made me fail the exam... disappointments are really piling up in my life right now... but in life we have to move forward even if it is one of the worst thing that ever happened to you...
  5. mizukichan

    HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

    you're very welcome... that cleared up your mind, eh?? i'm glad you did find a lot of hotels that satisfy your need as a group... good luck again in taking your exam... (wish me luck also... ) i'm also trying to check out the hoteltravel.com for my next online reservation... hope you can guide me next time... mizukichan signing off... bzzzt....
  6. mizukichan

    HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

    in the evergreen hotel website, they have directions going to their hotel (download their pdf file on getting to the hotel). it is much better to take the bus when going to the hotel... much cheaper and since you are in no hurry, you can enjoy the scenery... it only cost you HKD 33 compared to the airport express HKD 80... the hotel is in kowloon and there's no trouble in getting around hong kong by mtr. and when your room is still not ready or you are early for their check-in time, you can enjoy going to kowloon park... it is great there... you can relax... and if you want to eat, you can try yoshoniya (im not sure about the name...)... when you have the map.. you have no problem... yes the airport is on lantau island... and i tell you there's no problem getting around hong kong... the hotel is on kowloon and the testing center is on hong kong island... you can try searching in the net about hong kong.. im also like you... i don't know about hong kong and when i get there, there's no problem getting around at all... well... good luck to you and your friends.. i also taking the exam next year... well good luck to all of us...
  7. mizukichan

    HOngkong Hotels: Please help me choose

    hello... i've been to hong kong last november and I would like to suggest the evergreen hotel. they have a room with triple occupancy there. it is located between yau ma tei and jordan and the jordan mtr to sheung wan is also near here. check out their rates in hotelclub.net A friend of mine recommended to have an online reservation so i go for it. their rates are cheaper compared to hotels located really near the sheung wan district. plus if you want to go shopping, temple street is located near the hotel (just a few walks) and if you want to change your money to HKD, a money changer is just nearby. free breakfast is also included in your stay. the place may not be very marvelous (it is because there is a construction going on in their building) but transportation is not a problem (no problem getting from the airport to hotel, riding the mtr to the testing center) and also the testing center is just a few walks when you get out from sheung wan mtr exit. you can check out their hotel website. (evergreenhotel.com) Also try to have an online reservation, it is much more cheaper than contacting the hotel directly with their website and they are on a discounted price. we go to hong kong the 4 of us and we only get the standard twin room. we feared that the hotel may charge us extra but when we left, they did not charge anything when we have an extra person with us. they are not strict... problem is that extra person won't have the free buffet breakfast. we stayed in the hotel for 6 nights and it only cost us $400+ (the four of us) well it is still up to your decision what hotel you are going to take...i tell you... transportation to the testing site is no problem when riding the mtr... well that's all and hotel is near the kowloon park... not totally near but can be reached walking... and you can relax there.. the place is great... it is the only place where you can see greens... if you have questions just let me know ok../??? mizukichan.... signing off... bzzztt...
  8. mizukichan

    where/when did you graduated?

    i graduated from Notre Dame of Dadiangas College - March 2005.... :)
  9. mizukichan

    I want a friend here.

    i can be your friend...
  10. mizukichan

    Joke time (ease the pain of waiting)

    *sigh.... the joys of passing.... those were the times...
  11. thanks lawrence01... you really are a big help... right now... i am focusing on reviewing for the NCLEX-RN so i am setting that "going to work/training" topic thing aside for now... thanks :roll i do agree with xhail... i can gain confidence in performing nursing procedures through these "trainings" but then again i am having second thoughts about it.... enough for that now... what is important at this moment is TO PASS THE NCLEX-RN... so wish me luck.... :pumpiron:
  12. mizukichan

    RETROGRESSION for this year?

    rumor... rumor... rumor... when will it end.... :)
  13. mizukichan

    New Mexico Licensure Question

    To SweetRNlikeme... i see that you send them e-mail for following-up... i suggest that you call directly from their office and know your status... :) it would be helpful if you did this... it might be expensive but it is worth it... :) maybe you are right regarding that many are really applying for licensure especially a number of them comes from the philippines.... well i hope i can get my ATT after i send them the requirements next week... (-cross fingers-) NM will be the ones who are going to evaluate our transcript so there is no CES needed.... :) i don't know about the SSN... im not sure since i am filing my application for new mexico for the first time... :) well... good luck to all of us...
  14. mizukichan

    New Mexico Licensure Question

    welcome... and if by any chance i have new information... i will share it to you then... :) keep in touch then....
  15. mizukichan

    nclex test center in the Philippines...

    yeah your right ms suzanne... :) security is one big issue for our country....
  16. mizukichan

    Arizona, Really Fast!!!!!

    im also gathering my requirements for New Mexico... they also don't require CES there... for 2-3 weeks as what they say.. your ATT will arrive... :)