nursing jobs in south jersey

  1. is it me, or do u see more opportunities for new grads and experienced nurses in south jersey with esp.virtua health. anybody work for them? anyway all the classifieds for nurses are in south jersey or pennsylvania. anybody fron nnj looking at south jersey?
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  3. by   sayitgirl
    South Jersey has the lowest rates in the state. Go North.
  4. by   JennNJ83
    Have you tried Philly area hospitals? I find there is usually more work across the bridge
  5. by   karenchad
    I too have seen more jobs opening up in south jersey. as for virtua- i worked there for 6 months 7 years ago. I went from 18 year in med/sur to ICU, I had a uninterested preceptor- she PRESUMED that because I was a med/surg nurse- the transition should have been a peice of cake, but not so. I was terrified, asked to be moved to a med/surg floor and the management refused. The whole experience was a nightmare/disaster. I resigned before I was fired. I was turned off to ICU nursing. I went to an agency that gave me ALL assignments in Phila- I LOVED it- the whole focus, attitude of nurses is different than here in the NJ burbs- I was WONDERFUL to actually work with nurses who treated agency like they were really there to help, the patients are sicker, poorer and I found very grateful for a nurse unlike here in jersey when the nurse is the fetch all. I LEARNED more in 4 years in phila than in 18 years in NJ. The agency sent me to Frankford, Frankford AVE( MY all time favorite!!! this is a place you can get emotionally attached to, I did), HUP (all I can say about HUP is WOW if I had my BSN I would be there in a heartbeat!!) Fox Chase( ok depending on the floor you are on). The pay is great especially for experienced RN's not as agency and you have to take into consideration- they take city wage tax $11,000- $13,000/year , state taxes- I think are higher than jersey, bridge tolls-now $3and $4/day. the bridges get closed in really bad weather. Down at HUP and Jeff- there's parking $15-$25/day. I just applied for another philly staff position- I want to go back soooo bad. The positions for experienced nurse are few and I think even less for new grads. But in my opinnion- it's the only place to be. I can ignore most of the politics there because of the nice nurses to work with, all are on the same page, they ignore the politics also- That's what makes the difference. Virtua is ALL politics- I went back there with the same agency and was treated like dirt by this old nurse name Margaret(of Marlton- I call her) the hosptials are union -I was a union nurse for 18 years, but these folks are ugly.
  6. by   NJNursing
    I work for Virtua Memorial. It's not bad, but it's not perfect. :-) However jobs are hard to find in So. Jersey anywhere. NOt just here.
  7. by   AM9160
    Quote from NJNursing
    I work for Virtua Memorial. It's not bad, but it's not perfect. :-) However jobs are hard to find in So. Jersey anywhere. NOt just here.
    I applied there and they won't tell me a thing. Do you have any suggestions? I am getting SO frustrated. I have no connections anywhere and noone will tell me a thing, either here in South Jersey or in Philly.
  8. by   Dahlia0582
    I work for Virtua Health Berlin Division.. It's actually one of the best hospitals that I"ve worked in. I worked at a Med/Surg department in NYC as well as Kennedy Hospital in Washington Township when I moved here in South Jersey.. I didn't like Kennedy. I only stayed three months because I didn't feel the support and they treated me like dirt. I like Virtua health better and I've been here for almost three years so I guess it depends on experience. Good luck with your search..
  9. by   Cree8ive1
    Wow. I'm shocked to hear that South Jersey supposedly has more openings than North Jersey. I graduated last year and, while I was lucky to find a hospital job, MANY of my friends STILL don't have jobs, or accepted temporary, per diem-type jobs giving flu shots, working per diem (no bennies or regular hours) at Ancora, etc. It's true.

    It seems like unless you know someone, or worked in the hospital in a different capacity before/during nursing school, you were left out in the cold. I don't like my job and it's not the specialty I want to be in, but I am grateful for it, and the learning expeirences it has provided me. HOWEVER, I do find the hospitals down here to be extremely "cliquey" and somewhat wary and unaccepting of "outsiders" (which I am, having been transplanted here several years ago from a far-away state, due to my husband's job transfer). Also, I find that a lot of the people who work in my hospital (docs and nurses) are kinda "too big for their britches..." like they think they're brilliantly smart, etc. Truth is, in our po-dunk little rural-ish hospital, the kinds of patients we see in our ICUs are probably comparable in acuity to the patients on the med-surg floors of Philly hospitals.

    By all means, give it a shot. A job's a job. But I, for one, can't wait to get outta south Jersey as a nurse! Best of luck to you!
  10. by   mjdcoleman
    As far as working in jersey compaired to philly, there is no camparison. I am from Jersey and work here now. In jersey they are back in the stone age. They have an attitude for some reason but can't back it up. I don't understand it. I worked at Jefferson for six years and it was the best experience. Don't get me wrong, it was difficult. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. I think every nurse should start out at one of the city hospitals. The experience you will get is priceless. The one thing I dont understand is when I hear that a nurse cant find a job! I wonder if they are being too picky as far as the shifts and floors that are being offered. Every single hospital website that I look at has available F/T positions. You will need a professional resume, good references, show up to your interview on time, and look profesional. I interview nurses and you would not believe what I see. They show up late, wear completely inappropriate outfits, and actually come in and look like thay need a bath. Honestly, I do not hear anything they have to say when that happens. You may feel that is wrong but if you do not take care of yourself, why should I think you will take care of the patients?????
  11. by   AtomicWoman
    Please, before you go expressing an opinion about new nurses being "too picky", take a look at the many threads discussing how difficult it is to get a job as a new nurse these days. Most new nurses are willing to take *any* job. You had 6 years of experience at Jefferson, which means you're not in the same position as the new grad job-seekers.