Nurse Licensure By Endorsement: How long does it take to receive RN license in NJ?

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    I am a Registered Nurse in Florida. I plan on moving from Florida to New Jersey this year. I registered tonight on the NJ BON website, so I could read the application procedure and requirements. I am just wondering how long this process takes? Does it only take a few weeks to receive a NJ RN license? Or does this whole process take several months?

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    I suggest going into the NJ forum on here. I knew a fellow colleague where it took her 8 months to get her endorsement, and we are in PA.

    You can use the search here and you will find an interesting thread. Some new grads had to wait months to get their ATT because of NJ's process. You will be able to get a general feel of how long. Hope you have a lot of patience!
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    Hi i also have same question that i have taxes rn licence now i move to georgia atlanta and i want to endorse my licence. So this processs take how much time.
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    In NJ, the endorsement takes 8-10 weeks...I applied Dec 19 and still have not received it and I keep calling them and they say be patient..yeah right! so it does take a while...good you started the process now! good luck
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    So today I called them up and I told them that I really need my license cause I need to find a job. I am unemployed, need money badly and have a ton of student loans, please help me...I even said, I am begging you to please process my license. Guess what, today they released my number and I will have the paper license in 7-10 days and they gave me my number on the phone. I started the process on Dec 19 and I got the number today on Feb 11. Its all about persistent and having faith in God!!
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    A lot of patience. That is an understatement. I have licensure in WI and MN and first started the process in October. Now they tell me to write a letter. No email is offered nor can you speak to a board member on the phone. This is a 2-3 week process in MN and WI. I am truly perplexed.
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    If you read thru the various pdf's they have on the website, you can find contact emails in them. I got my license processed relatively quickly by emailing someone a couple of times. I think I found the email in a license for foreign nurses application document.

    Otherwise, NJ BON is super slow
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    I started the online process on June 20, mailed in what was required and mailed out my verification forms (for states not using Nursys) a few days prior to that. I received my number on July 22. The instructions on the NJBON site aren't very clear and I think I was able to figure it out because I've applied for license endorsements in six other states (travel nursing). I think I would have received the license a week sooner had there not been such a long wait for Pennsylvania and California verification forms to be processed. My friend sent her paperwork by mail about a week after I did and received her license number on July 23. Again, I've never had as much trouble applying for a license by endorsement as I have with NJ.
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    question...i filed the RN Endorsement online form for NJ to endorsement my licensure from Florida, paid the fees, submitted the NURSYS license verification etc, what can i expect next? when do i do the fingerprints? and how long can i expect to have the license transferred? does nj have temporary license?
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    There is no temporary license in NJ. If all your infirm action is there it takes about 6 weeks. I am currently waiting for my NP and the state is not the issue it's just the school I attended. If you can have a contact person that maybe helpful some have went so far as to go to the place in Newark and if its been a while they often leave with their license.

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