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I'm getting ready to apply to the 2011 FastTrack BSN Program at New Jersey City University. I was wondering what standards people had that were accepted to the program in the past. I know it says 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale (preferred... Read More

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    I'm currently in Bloomfield college also awaiting test scores there as well. I really want to know if I'm in or out. But I also want them to really thoroughly look at my application. Not just skim through and look at only major points of my application. I'm sure they are pretty tired looking through applications right about now. Seriously, good luck to everyone!

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    I spoke with Samantha last week. She said final decisions were being made this week. Has anyone heard?
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    Thank goodness.
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    Nothing yet. Last week the secretary told me the same thing. Maybe they still need to finish up by the end of this week. Plus do they send out the letters via snail mail? Or email? Do they still do interviews? My guess is another week just to send them out via snail mail.
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    I assume they will be sending them out via snail mail haha. And hopefully they will try to send them out before the holiday weekend, meaning maybe we will get them next week?
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    Well unfortunately I was not accepted. Samantha emailed me, she said I was a "strong applicant" but they could only accept 48 students.

    Good luck to everyone else!
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    Did you call or email samantha about your status??? how did you know? anyway thank you for sharing your information. good luck in your future endeavors!
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    I actually emailed her last week because I needed to know whether or not I should take my A&P II this summer, and that would affect my current job. So she emailed me yesterday to let me know. I'm assuming they've made all of the decisions by now...hopefully you will hear something very soon
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    Thank you @ashhast for the info!
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    Im sorry to hear about your news. But I'm just curious what was your gpa and grades. I just want to know what kind of decisions the college is making. I just don't know if I should get my hopes up too high. The waiting and threat of disappointment is heavy. Thank you for sharing this information.

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