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I'm getting ready to apply to the 2011 FastTrack BSN Program at New Jersey City University. I was wondering what standards people had that were accepted to the program in the past. I know it says 3.0... Read More

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    Other friends who have applied to the same cohort said that people in the nursing department told them about the very high number

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    Oh, yeah I mean I thought it was more like 500...but you think 300?
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    Yeah i think 300 based upon what my friends told me. Other boards on this site also say that there were about 300 as well. Who knows!!

    Good thing I am busy this summer or else i would sit around and obsess until July!
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    hi, I have also applied to NJCU for fall 2011, still waiting for results. any idea how long it is going to take. I didn't do well on hesi, my class average is 82. I have A in all my pre req except for stat. Mu UG GPA is 3.45 major in chemistry. what are my chances to get into this programm. any idea on this.
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    I think we will be finding out by the middle of July. It sucks waiting but there's not much to do at this point. I don't really know what selection criteria is most important to the school... We are all in the same boat waiting.
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    Has anyone called this week for another update? We're past the 4 week mark now! As far as selection criteria, I know they strongly consider your pre-requisite grades, HESI score and recommendations.
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    I took the test on May 17th 2011 for the Fall Jersey City campus. I scored an 84.86% on a class average that is 80. I'm playing this waiting game which is nerve wrecking. My gpa is 2.7 when I was at another university. I know its bad...but my science prerequisites at a community college are A's and B's with a 3.5 gpa. So I'm not sure what they are going to look at. I recently called the Secretary up and she says they are in the decision making process. Has anyone been accepted with less than a 3.0? Recommendation letters are from my boss, chemist, and collegue. Any opinion? Give it to me straight.
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    How were you able to take the HESI 4 weeks after the deadline of May 20?
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    Oh sorry. autocorrect made the mistake. It was may 17th.
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    I think we will all find out soon enough. I am sure the committee wants to make their decisions so they can go on vacation in July!

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