New grad jobs?

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    New Grads, no experience, where did you get hired and how did you do it?

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    Quote from KATRN78
    New Grads, no experience, where did you get hired and how did you do it?
    I graduated about a year ago and was in the exact same boat. I started by finding a new agency to take a chance on me. Then, I just applied EVERYWHERE. I finally got a part time job on a sub acute unit of all places and once I had a job, finding another one was a breeze. Sad to say, but look into the facilities that have a not too nice reputation, because they are more willing to hire a new grad bc experienced nurses don't want to work there. Good Luck in your search!!
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    where are you from? how far are you willing to travel?

    i'm currently searching for jobs now too. so i'm in the same boat as you. luckily i've been getting some phone calls for interviews in the past few days. have an interview at jersey shore medical and university behavioral healthcare coming up.

    make sure your cover letter and resume are immaculate. that's pretty much all they have to go by. and apply EVERYWHEREE. apply for positions that say "1 year experience preferred". Preferred being your key word. i've even applied for positions that i wasnt even qualified for.

    basically, if your resume isnt out there, they dont know you exist. might as well spam them with your resume everywhere you can.

    pay attention to the job number/REQ number. jobs might have the same title listed but have different numbers. apply to all of them.

    for the most part, you're not gonna find any "New Grad Nurses Encouraged To Apply!!" in NJ. but there are hospitals that are looking. one of my friends just got hired at Atlanticare in south jersey as a new grad even though there was no new grad job listing.
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    marlton rehabilitation hospital hires new grads
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    Thank you.

    I was just on their site and they are requiring 6 months acute care experience.
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    Kat I agree with everyone in here you need to apply everywhere HunI just landed to part time jobs myself as a new gradGood luck to you and keep applying and let us know what happens
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    I graduated in May 2011, passed my boards in June and was hired at an Ambulatory Surgi Center by August, all because of a craigslist posting. My best advice is to continue sending applications like a mad person. There will be days where you feel lied to by your school, like you'll never get a job but just stay hopefull. I just landed my first interview with a hosp, and ive sent what feels like hundreds of applications to all the surrounding hosps. Just stay strong, positive, dont sell yourself short, your time will come. Hope this helps.
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    I am a rather organized person. I have kept track of jobs I have applied to. As of today I have applied to 379 jobs.
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    I too graduated in June.... I fax my applications sometimes twice a day... Nothing....this is more stressful than going through nursing school.... Never would I thought looking for a job would have me so down and depressed!!!!

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