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  1. NJRN33

    Holy Name Hospital RN Orientation/Salary?

    Hey how was the interview?
  2. Hello everyone I work in an inpatient Psychiatric Unit in a large inner city teaching hospital. We have both involuntary and voluntary patients. We used the primary nursing as our model but now that we are 12 hour shifts that's really not working out for my unit. Please share your thoughts or what models do you use in your hospitals/units? My manager was thinking modular nursing model of care but I personally think that will not work as well because our patients are ambulatory and they are constantly pacing the hallways and for some reason I cannot see that working on my unit. Your thoughts, comments and recommendations are truly appreciated.
  3. NJRN33

    ICU RN let go after 3 months

    Bruce what a great response... I wish all nurse educators/ managers were just as nice One thing I've learned as a new grad "you've got to stand up for your rights and speak up because a lOt of times people respect you more"
  4. NJRN33

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    Thanks for replying I also live in Bergen county area and I've heard from others that $30/hr is acceptable for the state of nj. I am going to wait for her to call me about the orientation info and then I'm going to tell her that the 22/hr I'm not going to accept since I'm an Rn with my BSNI'm glad so many of you understood and supported my concernI appreciate all the encouraging words
  5. NJRN33

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    I am with you LaRNIt's just that I don't even know what to do
  6. Aww I'm so sorry to hear thatRemember practice lots of priority questions if you need help pm meAnd I'll give you a few extra tips
  7. NJRN33

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    Kids thank you very much for your encouraging words. When it comes to nursing of course my patients would come before anything else. I just didn't want to be taken advantage of. I'm a RN and I do have a lot of responsibilities. Nursing is a rewarding career and I'm so glad I became one. NJ is an expensive state to live in. On top of everything I have a lot of student loans I need to pay back and now that I have a job I can't even defer them anymoreBut may be I'll take it to get my nursing skills going for PEDS and hopefully like you I will leave in good terms.I'm a very hard working individual and I can already see myself advancing in my careerI appreciate all of your commentsAnd I wish you all a lovely weekend
  8. NJRN33

    Salary for home healthcare nursing

    Thank you so much for all the commentsPaddler I'm going to tell them that I'm not accepting the offer if it's less than $28/hr. I'm a RN with my BSN I'm going to have same nursing responsibilities as one of the nurses with 2 or more experience getting at least 35/hrAnd yes it is PSA home healthcare
  9. NJRN33

    Sorry I got the RN

    I'm so glad you landed a job in nursing. Even though it's not your first choice job it will be easier for you tO land a diff job when you already workingGood luck to you
  10. NJRN33

    Job search blues

    If you still without a job PSa home healthcare is opening a new office in Hackensack nj and are actually seeking new grads as well. From what I gathered in your posts you have your ASN and not your BSN? That could get on your way if you want to get a job in hospitals. NJ hospitals want BSNs only.Good luck to you and I hope by now you have already landed a job in nursing
  11. NJRN33

    Need information on Bergen Home Health

    Hey how did the interview go? Did you get the job? If you're still around and reading this please give me more info. I'm also looking a perdiem job. Thank you in advance and I wish you the best of luck
  12. NJRN33

    Am I too old?

    Age is just a numberYou're never too old to change your life and to take a diff routeI'm 27 and my mom is 50 she's got more energy than I do. She's a preschool teacher and I'm so proud of my mom how she's able to stand all day. I can't do the work/job that my mom does. I'm even encouraging her to go back to school perhaps an ultrasound tech wouldn't be a bad idea lolGood luck to you an remember you're the only one in control of your surroundings
  13. NJRN33

    New grad jobs?

    Kat I agree with everyone in here you need to apply everywhere HunI just landed to part time jobs myself as a new gradGood luck to you and keep applying and let us know what happens
  14. NJRN33

    Status Pending...

    Yes I agree with Ashley they're too slow when it comes to giving you a lisence #. It may take up to 8 weeks I was told. I was lucky enough to get my # within 3 weeks of passing the boards.Good luck hope you get it soon
  15. The BON takes anywhere 4-8weeks to send you the results. If you want to know how you did or if you've passed the NCLEX go back to pearson vue website and try to register, if it doesn't let you register that means you've passed. If it lets you register and brings you to the credit card screen that means you didn't make it this time. Another way would be for you to pay a $7.95 fee to see the results on Pearson vue.Good luck hun I hope you passed