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    Quote from strytellerchayka
    I too graduated in June.... I fax my applications sometimes twice a day... Nothing....this is more stressful than going through nursing school.... Never would I thought looking for a job would have me so down and depressed!!!!

    I feel you pain im depressed too!!!

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    i am from [color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff][color=#00ffff]birmingham, alabama and i graduated in may '11. i took boards in july and i just found a job. i put in over 300 applications and have gone on only 4 interviews. several of my classmates are having a touch time finding a job. in the south it is sometimes who you know not what you know for rn jobs for new grads. it is not impossible but i do not think the shortage was as bad as was presented. i was told by my instructor to look for part-time work before leaving my job of 20 years. guest what... hospitals do not like hiring you for part-time work. the job market is brutal. it has taken me almost a year to find a job. if eating were dependent on me finding a job i would be severely malnourished and out doors. i also do not think the pay is high enough. the starting base pay here is 20.10 plus differentials.

    if i could give someone advise that is getting ready to graduate and are getting ready to start the preceptor portion of school, i would say choose your hospital and area of concentration wisely, then charm the mess out of them. do more, ask for more tasks, and network. not just that floor but on other floors within that hospital. by the time you are finished they should be asking are you employed there because you are everywhere. make a lasting positive impression. next start putting out applications before you graduate. formulate contacts with classmates and people that are already a nurse. make them want to recommend you. make sure you are recommendable.
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