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Hi All, This is my first time starting a Thread on this site, and second time posting in general. I Start CNA/ phlebotomy Program on monday :yelclap: {which is about 2 months long} and plan to start LPN School in... Read More

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    Quote from BrownOcean
    Merit is straight BS in my book. They are in it for the money. I actually called them out. The director actually was afraid to let me sign up since I shot so many questions at him that he couldn't answer. Or when I corrected him on the BS he was tryna tell me. The don't even have financial aid. ***??

    I went in there with a little attitude because I didn't like how when I first came to take the test they ask for the $40 and my ID and didn't even say HI. How rude.

    The school cost about 15K that you have to pay $500 to hold your spot... 1K by orientation and about 1K a month afterr that for 6 months. The rest you can take a loan out (Not sallie mae or Chase) but their own private loan company. Ha yea right. If I'm not mistaken you have to pay the balance of the loan before you can graduate.

    Oh...books and uniform is not included in the fee.
    LOL..those people are ridiculous. I actually had a smirk on my face the whole time he was talking to me. He gave me a BS story about how they don't tolerated ghetto people or people who are roudy and act as if they grew up in th projects.... So they whole time the smirk is on his face.

    Well I let that bum know that I grew up in a middle class neighborhood,never been arrested or anything an I've been to school for info tech, networking, paralegal studies and graduated HS at 16. And I work at 1199SEIU (Which he didn't know is the union that represents healthcare workers) so I know what I'm talking about. Mind you I was 24 years old at the time. He was straight up sweating bullets. His mouth was all dry. He actually said That maybe this wasn't the school for me.
    Oh and I actually went there with 15K cash (pic on my social site page) to show him that paying for this school wasn't a problem. His eyes lit up when he saw all that cash. Hahaha.

    Well right now I'm just waiting to start Lincoln Tech in Paramus, NJ where I will be going for my LPN... Wish my luck people.

    You will have the same problem at LT only their program costs 22K. All those technical schools are alike, they admit anyone with a pulse as long as they get their money. They tolerate all kinds of ghetto behavior and the educational experience is a poor one. If you graduated HS at 16 whay are you not in college?

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    Well I was pregnant then. And after that I went to Job Corps for about a year. When I was 18 I went for computer network training. After that I went to a 2 year college for paralegal studies. Around that time I was 21. I went to a community college to see if I can get into thier LPN program but didn't get in. I just missed the the minimum GPA. 2 years later I'm here..Going to Lincoln Tech.

    I'm sure there's gonna be cattiness and all that hot mess. But at least I didn't get that from the Director. Him and his secretary barely spoke English I mean come on. On top of that I don't want to be paying as I go even though I have the money. I would pick LT over Merit anyday. Out the 22K I have to pay 15K in loans so I'm fine. I saved 7K. That I will start paying $300 a month as I go so I can clear it out before I graduate Nursing School.
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    Hi, i just took the placement test at at merit and was wondering if anyone might have the course syllable could email it to me. Also I would appreciate it I could receive tips on the interview on Merit. My interview is coming up.
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    You will get the syllabus on the 'interview'. Girl please you don't have to beat yourself up for the interview. It's not that serious. You will be sitting in the directors small cramped office where he's gonna explain the schools status and what types of students they desire. You will also be asked questions about yourself and why you want to become an LPN. He will also tell you about the cost of the program (about 15K). If you want to hold your seat the expect you to pay $500 then and $1000 by orienation. I wrote all this stuff already some where on this thread so go back and read. There's the payment plan too.

    But don't beat yourself up it's not that serious. .
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    Thank you for answering my question.
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    Hi everyone, I went for my interviewed two weeks ago and It was ok. It was really nothing to worry about. Is there anyone taking classes at merit? can you tell me your point of view! how is the classes?
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    I would first like to start off by saying that Merit is a for profit school. I do not understand why they are demonized for that fact. In our economy they fulfill a need. I have attempted to get into multiple LPN programs in NYC and they are all filled. Everyone's situation is different and they must weigh the pros and cons. If you can afford to wait you should go to another program which is less expensive. If, like me, you would like to start as soon as possible you should go to a Meritt. The costs may seem prohibitive but if you would like to become a nurse the public institutions are extremely competitive but if you have your LPN license its easier to get in.

    Starting a school like Merit offers opportunities to those that wouldn't have any. I have my bachelors degree in Information Technology and it means nothing to most programs. After being angry about that I decided to go into a program were I can excel and move forward. I'm not advocating that you go to Meritt. I'm advocating thinking for yourself after researching the facts and applying them to your individual situation. If you are guaranteed to get into another program then you should choose them.

    I would like to open a for profit institution like Meritt in Savannah, GA. I know that area is really depressed and doesn't have a program like Meritt in existence. I would like to make a profit because profits are necessary for any institution to exists. The only difference between for profit and non profit schools is that one is subsidized by tax dollars and one is not. The tuition relationship is one that deals with scarcity. If the costs are too low then their is a shortage if the costs are too high then their is a surplus. If they were overpriced people wouldn't go their.

    Trust me I don't like the idea of spending $13,000 dollars for an LPN program but I don't like being out of work even more.
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    Quote from shejjr2
    Im currently a Merit Student, I started in February 2009....Yes the school is money hungry and you must pay as you go along...however when you applied if you pass the entrance exam you get right into the program. All the local county nursing program has long waiting list. Merit has a good pass rate for the state board...and they are listed on the board of Nursing for New Jersey.....If I had a choose I would prefer to go to a local county school, but I can't wait 18months to start a program. If you stay focus and really want to make it work, you can with merit....all nursing programs are hard....
    Hello Shejjr2,
    I am happy to see your progress throughout the months from your first posting up until this one :-)
    Like you, I am looking to become a Student of Merit as well. The school is expensive :-( more so than others; However, Registration seems so much easier than most technical school out there. This school so far seems to be very straight forward although Money Hungry seems to be the contributing factor.
    Thanks for some of the advice on staying focus. I hope the school's lack of professionalism wont hinder my progress in anyway while staying focus on my goals.
    Any Financial tips on how to stay afloat since they don't offer any FA from jump? 1000 every month + misc fees im sure is crazy for me. But i need it badly. Im looking to start this Oct '09 thanks for your support.
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    Quote from Erikarn2b
    Hi everyone, for those who have already taken classes at Merit Institute or have completed their LPN program, i would like to get some info about their classes and what to get ready for. I got accepted to this school and i'm very nervous because i don't what to expect. Any info would greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
    Hello Erikarn2b,

    Congrats on your acceptance to the school! I am looking to start soon :-D I find myself in similar shoes as you. I was wondering what progress you've made thus far through Merit? Maybe we could start sharing our experiences. Any advice would be welcomed believe me. One of my biggest concerns believe it or not is the financial responsibility the school imposes on the students since the dont offer FA(not right away @least)
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    Quote from meluhn
    You will have the same problem at LT only their program costs 22K. All those technical schools are alike, they admit anyone with a pulse as long as they get their money. They tolerate all kinds of ghetto behavior and the educational experience is a poor one. If you graduated HS at 16 whay are you not in college?
    Hello Melhun,

    This was a very insightful reply to BrownOcean. I wonder why spend the Extra cash when the ultimate goal is to acquire a LPN license.
    I am looking to start with Merit too actually. Did you graduate from Merit?Whats the best advice you could give me as a new comer? Whats the best way for me to get FA to attend this school since Merit won't offer any?
    Thanks for all your support

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