Who is waiting?

  1. Is anyone else besides me so unlucky to be pounding their head to the wall for the next 2 months or so? I haven't started to get too terribly anxious yet, seeing as how Manchester deadline only just passed, and stratham's deadline isnt even for a few more weeks, but even still, waiting is already starting to get to me, b/c after this semester, what am I to do with myself? I will be all done with everything. Anyway, hope there are other people gritting their teeth waiting as well.
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  3. by   Animal3
    I am in the exact same position! I am waiting on Manch...Any clue when they start to send out letters?
  4. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    I think manchester we will hear something about the middle of march, since their deadline passed already, when I called to make sure everything was in last week, my application was apparently already under review. Stratham said mid-April
  5. by   bebe5
    waiting to test! goin crazy
  6. by   finallyonmyway
    I am also waiting on March. I am making myself crazy The school I am applying to as tons of applicants for about 20 slots. Good luck everyone.
  7. by   Becca2theresq
    I too am waiting. I have applied to Manch., NHTI and GBCC. March can't come soon enough!!!:bowingpur
  8. by   icantsurf
    I applied to Manchester, I probably should have applied to more than one program, huh?
  9. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    You can still apply to GBCC, did you get your A&P done yet?
  10. by   Meghan23
    Im waiting on Stratham GBCC and was wondering if anyone knew the number of applicants to the number of available spots? I have confidence in myself, but the numbers I've heard already make me sooo nervous! I'll be getting my NLN scores this week...so hopefully everything will be ok and I'll get in! I want this so bad! Good luck to everyone, too!
  11. by   Becca2theresq
    When I went to the info session this past fall I think they said something like 150 applicants and they accept like 50. They made it sound like alot of the applications that are denied are incomplete, so if you have everything in and good NLN scores, you should have a good chance. Hope this is helpful.
  12. by   Meghan23
    Thanks, Becca...I was under the impression that the competition was much greater than that, but if thats what you were told at an info session - I'll go with that! Some girl in one of my A&P classes (who seems to know everything, if you know what I mean) told me that there were about 400 applicants and only 20 spots! I thought that with those numbers, my chances were very slim, but hopefully you 're right! Are you applying to GBCC Nursing to start in the fall?
    Let me know!
  13. by   Becca2theresq
    I dont think it's quite that extreme, that sounds a little exaggerated. Did you apply anywhere else? Yes, I have applied to GBCC for the upcoming fall...I also applied to NHTI and Manchester Comm. Now all we can do is wait!!
  14. by   Meghan23
    I know...I thought it was a little extreme as well...but didn't know otherwise, so I went with it. I didn't apply anywhere else, so I'm really trying to be hopeful that I get in to GBCC...I thought I'd feel a little more relaxed after the NLN and having everything in, but I don't! It's all in their hands now, but I'm still so anxious....just like everyone else though - I suppose.
    how did you do on your NLNs? (If you don't mind me asking) I thought the science was very difficult..