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  1. Failed NCLEX PN Test; suzanne's plan

    I want to do the plan! But i think im 2 late
  2. Nursing home LVN charge position

    Ur gonna be busy..Woudnt do it if I were you.
  3. No respect for LVN's/LPN's

    jus dont let it get to u.. be strong..
  4. Seeking Correctional (LVN) Nursing Information

    Yea i always wanted to work in a Prison.. Jus curious how the system works
  5. I Had to Cry at Work Today....

    Yes It is sad. I work at a children hospital. I c a lot.. u jus got to be strong n have hope, these kids r fighters. they dont give up. and jus do all u can do..

    great job, bet ur glad its over with....
  7. Can I do it?

    Jus do the best u can.. you'll be fine.
  8. Is this odd to you too?

    Never heard of that first for everything..
  9. Who is waiting?

    waiting to test! goin crazy
  10. Just passed the NET

    great job
  11. LPNs and RNs---does your hospital see a difference?

    LPNs not using as much
  12. Math on the NCLEX exam

    think they will have iv rates
  13. Math on the NCLEX exam

    hopefully the math is easy
  14. I just took the NCLEX

    Do You know where I Could get Suzzane4 Plan!? For LVN!