Can someone tell me what all the uproar Can someone tell me what all the uproar | allnurses

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Can someone tell me what all the uproar

  1. 0 is about re: Dean?
    I thought his speech was great. It was so refreshing to see a candidate display honest and passionate feelings.

    I want a candidate who is excited about running for office.

    What's all the hoopla about?
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    Made me chuckle personally with the "I've Got a Scream Speech" please hold the flames as I am being light hearted.

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    Woops! shoulda ask this on the vermont thread.
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    I too couldn't understand it. The reporters acted like he was violent and on crack or something. Talk about making a mountain out of a moehill. Just my opinion, no flames please.
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    I guess it's been so long since the American people saw a politician behave like a real, live human being, that we just couldn't handle it. How pathetic is THAT?