Should I take pre-reqs at CSN or UNLV?

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    Getting ready to start on my RN nursing pre-reqs. I live in Las Vegas. Should I take the pre-reqs at CSN or UNLV? Other than cost, what is the difference between the courses? Any other suggestions for someone who is just starting out on the RN education journey?
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    Another choice could be Nevada State College. CSN has substantially lower tuition than UNLV. I became unemployed in July and wanted to finish my prerequisites as quickly as possible. I was hoping to take AP I, APII and Microbiology at CSN fall semester of 2010. Unfortunately, they did not accept my previous biology courses as prerequisites for these courses and required me to take BIO 189. To speed things along, I'm taking these courses online, from schools outside of southern Nevada.
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    I just started looking into NSC. I live so close to the CSN campus on Cheyenne and Charleston area so I prefer going to CSN if all things are equal. Sounds like NSC has lower tuition so I'll take a look at that. Thanks!
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    CSN has cheaper tuition than NSC. NSC is cheaper than UNLV.
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    CSN is an ADN program, and NSC and UNLV are BSN programs.
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    NSC is the better even though its in the middle for price. Your science labs are part of the class so your not FORCED to sign up for a lab and then get stuck in a room of 160 people during lecture.

    Unless you like having your lab at 7am and class at 3 pm, but i'd rather just have one class to go. No paying for parking, or possibly having to go to one of three campuses to take the lab and go to another for lecture.
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    I agree with puravidaLV. I have not taken classes at UNLV, but I took 3 Biology classes at CSN and 1 Biology and 1 Chemistry class at NSC. I much prefer NSC partly b/c I think that selecting separate lab & lecture dates/times is a huge inconvenience. I imagine the class sizes are much larger at CSN and UNLV than at NSC, so you get more personal attention from your professor at NSC as well. Also, unless your NSC professor is part-time, they are all working to get tenure.
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    I am taking my Pre-req's at CSN Spring '11 it is way cheaper and Cheyenne campus is just up the road so convenience is a plus!
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    I suggest getting the pre-req BIOL classes anywhere you can - dont look at price so much, but at CSN and UNLV it is tough to get BIOL189.

    NSC is a good option if you dont mind the drive to Henderson
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    I took 189 and chem 110 at CSN and liked them fine but I had my 189 lecture at the charleston campus and the only lab I could get was at the cheyenne campus so that was kind of a pain. Plus having 2 different instructors was confusing as sometimes they gave conflicting info. I loved my other pre-reqs at NSC because lecture and labs were in same course time, same instructor. The quality of instruction was very good in both schools.