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  1. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    Good news/bad news: I was removed from the wait-list, unfortunately I wasn't accepted for admission. Good Luck to everyone, I think Drexel ACE is a great program and I wish good luck to all the students starting this fall!
  2. The general rule is you must be a United States (U.S.) citizen to work for the U.S. government. So, if applying to work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, you must be a U.S. citizen and having permanent residence isn't enough. State and ...
  3. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    If I'm remembering correctly, previous years' threads indicate that a second round of acceptances will come in March. I was reading with an eye toward coming off the waiting list and the situation may be different for others.
  4. Touro University Nevada

    The NSBN website shows the BSN program to be fully approved. The CCNE website shows the BSN program fully accredited until June 30, 2017. If there any recent bad news regarding the program, I haven't been able to find it.
  5. Touro University Nevada

    I'm having difficulty finding information regarding their nursing program or programs. This page references both an Accelerated BSN pathway and a BSN pathway. However, the nursing school pages reference only one 16-month program. The most current ...
  6. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    About one week ago I received a decision. Unfortunately, I was waitlisted...that's not good! I've completed the prerequisites and thought I had a strong application. Next week I'll email Drexel to see if there is any possibility of getting the dec...
  7. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    And...FWIW, I've completed the prerequisites and haven't yet received a decision.
  8. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    Someone did ask about working. IIRC, the instructor answered that working would be difficult, schedule-wise and that she only remembered one student doing it successfully. My take would be that if I were working, I'd keep it on the DL and so the in...
  9. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    Wednesday's information session went well. Both the admissions and clinical instruction staff seemed professional, open and candid. The prospective students had far more questions than could be answered during the session's time frame. Here are so...
  10. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    On the positive side, they're looking closely at the application materials?
  11. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    $227: Chicago-Philadelphia. I'll be checking out Philadelphia neighborhoods and nearby NJ suburbs.
  12. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    [h=1]I registered, online, this morning. It seems there may be an opportunity for those traveling more than 150 miles to receive a $500 tuition break. The link didn't work for me, however. [/h] Thank you for regist...
  13. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    Yes, I just bought tickets!
  14. Drexel ACE fall 2015

    I agree! Typically air tickets get more expensive within two weeks, so it would great to have a decision by today or maybe tomorrow...LOL...I can dream.
  15. Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    I've decided Drexel ACE is the program for me, so news of a Spring '15 waitlist starting is important to me. My application for that cohort is still incomplete, as my status changed from complete to incomplete. They asked for another transcript abo...