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I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest... Read More

  1. by   a.n.h
    I am applying for the July Cohort in Utah. I have not taken the TEAS test as of yet and am currently completing the last of the prerequisite classes. Can anyone tell me what they thought of the program at the Utah campus along with interview information and tips? Any information at all about the program and area would be amazing. I live almost 2,000 miles away, so I am trying to do as much homework about the program and South Jordan in general before I get there.
  2. by   Rmena
    I am 1/3 of way through program in SJ. You can PM me if you want and I can answer most of your questions I suppose.
  3. by   Cwillis11
    Are you currently in the BSN or ABSN program? Also how do you like living in the Utah area if you weren't from there originally. Id have to move from California and wondering how it is to adjust whilst in in school.
  4. by   Rmena
    I am in the ABSN program but both programs are set up very similar with same professors. Lived in Utah before but also lived in San Diego area and Norcal. I love both as both have their good and bad. Most of my cohort is from CA and they seem to be obsessed with Utah to be honest and don't find it particularly hard travelling back home for a weekend now and then. If you have any other questions feel free to email me direct at I am not a roseman rep but this site doesnt allow me to have an inbox for some reason and I want to help you guys out. That goes for anyone btw.
  5. by   Tbatt
    Hi @jilamoca! I was wondering if you had any information in regards to the books listed in our entrance packet. I start in Feb. 2017 and had received a few books from friends who did other nursing programs a year or two ago. they are older versions but I wanted to know if they were ok to use. I am looking to save myself as much $$$ as possible. Thanks!
  6. by   Jennyxjenx
    Did you attend Roseman? What year did you graduate? I wonder if they have addressed this issue?
  7. by   jllamoca
    Quote from Tbatt
    Hi @jilamoca! I was wondering if you had any information in regards to the books listed in our entrance packet. I start in Feb. 2017 and had received a few books from friends who did other nursing programs a year or two ago. they are older versions but I wanted to know if they were ok to use. I am looking to save myself as much $$$ as possible. Thanks!
    Hello! I don't think there would be an issue but would double check with the professors of the block the textbooks are for. Hope that helps.
  8. by   Jennyxjenx
    Hi This sucks and I already started and paid money!! What are the 6 schools that will take roseman???
  9. by   pbhavsar
    I emailed my admissions counselor (still waiting on an interview here) and she said that although the course are pass/no pass, the Dean would be able to write a letter stating that the "pass" is a 90% on a 4.0 GPA scale if needed. That may work for some schools but you would have to research that by calling them on your own.
  10. by   Lygwedasa4
    I will be graduating in June of this year from the ABSN program in South Jordan. There are many things about Roseman's curriculum and teaching style that make this an amazing nursing program. I have loved going here because I feel that the information is solidified in my mind better than it could be any other way using the block system learning style. Nurses love working with us at clinicals and students from here seem to have a lot of success getting jobs easily. I had some real confidence issues before attending Roseman and this program has really done a lot to boost my belief in my own ability to be a good nurse. The faculty is amazing and very helpful for the most part. I have loved working with them.

    That being said, administration definitely has something to be desired. As Lucia Carina has talked about, I too was told (repeatedly) that I would graduate with a 4.0 on my transcript and that it would benefit me greatly in making me a competitive applicant for grad school. I liked that it only took 16-months to acquire a BSN since I didn't want to keep wasting time. However, there are other schools in which I could have gotten through quicker for less money (such as Ameritech) but I passed them up because I wanted to increase my chances of being accepted into grad school and I knew that some of those weren't regionally accredited. Regional accreditation doesn't do squat for me now though, considering that I won't be a competitive applicant anywhere with the 3.0 GPA assigned by most schools in place of the pass/no pass transcript that Roseman is apparently handing out. I had no idea that this was how it worked until quite recently. I've heard that Ameritech students have been successful getting into grad school despite the lack of regional accreditation, so I wonder if I would have been far better off going there since I would have become a nurse a long time ago(I wouldn't have had to have a degree and all those prereqs done first if I'd gone to Ameritech) and could have had a chance at earning something higher than a measly 3.0! I was very skeptical of going to Roseman to begin with because the recruiters seemed so pushy and it was so much money to fork out, but I figured all the money and debt was worth it considering the 4.0 I kept being promised.

    On orientation day, after making a large down payment and going through the entire admissions process, they handed me a piece of paper to sign saying that I agreed to not receiving an official GPA, but rather, a pass/no pass transcript where p=90% and that this policy was changing as of 2014. Since 2014, other cohorts at South Jordan have been granted A's on their transcript (as recently as 2016). I feel completely discriminated against. Students have gone to administration about this issue, and they won't budge.

    All of what I'm saying on this post can be taken it for what it is. I'm not going to be bold enough to say that I do or don't recommend the program because there are some reasons I'm glad I'm attending and other reasons I definitely am not. Roseman has a very unique teaching system that is difficult to come by anywhere else. It fits my learning style very well. However, I am disappointed beyond words due to the lies I was told in order to get me to commit to going to this school. I feel like I was totally suckered into it and it was a huge sales pitch so they could pocket my $63,000 tuition.
  11. by   amanda82003
    I am applying to the ABSN in NV for summer - but your post possibly changes my mind. I want to go to grad school and a 3.0 won't cut it. I will be calling the school and speaking someone about this. That's awful that they changed that! 90% is an A - why they wouldn't put that on a transcript is beyond me.

    I agree that their block system looks so amazing!!! I could see myself doing really well taking on one class at a time. But it's not worth a base line gpa to me since grad school isn't an option for my desired career path. I'm glad you posted this.
  12. by   BR89
    Hey guys, I'm also from california and have a BS in health science and want to apply to the ABSN program in NV where my relatives live. I have a 3.08 overall and 3.28 science gpa with all the prereqs completed. For my stats, this seems like a good option but I have some concerns.
    1. Is NV also doing this pass/no pass format?
    2. My end goal has always been to become a nurse practitioner and I'm wondering how this a) pass/no pass and b) hybrid learning format could affect my chances of getting into an NP school. Do they look at roseman and choose students from other programs over it.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. by   Ethnurse
    You should rent most of them from Amazon, the only one I am glad I own is the 2 volume med-surg (paperback which I got for about $100 on Amazon)