HELLLPP! CSN Orientation and professor questions!

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    Hey guys! So today was the orientation for CSN Fall 2009 nursing. Sigh. I left feeling scared and a little sad to be honest. First of all I was told by a few people including a professor that I should not take a certain professor. I advised my friends and then when it came to registering myself...I panicked and I made a BIG BOO BOO and picked the "bad professor". I need some one on one help with this one. First ...I need the people on here to pm me and let me know if they have my schedule! I need support! AND the old timers ....can you pm me and let me chat with you about this teacher and let me know if I am in trouble???

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey I was at the orientation too! I'm no help with the 'bad professor' issue, sorry. I actually wish that I did know something but I have no idea about any of them. What is your schedule?

    Maybe you could help me...? Were you able to register for all your classes when you got home? I can't. I'm so frustrated. It let me add the clinical and lab but no lecture or pharm...? I called a ton of numbers and no one answered. I thought they would be there until 6? Now I have to wait for Mon and I'm stressing over the pharm there is one that I NEED and am afraid it will fill up.
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    I'll ship you my schedule privately. You registered for lab first right? It should let you register for everything else. Make sure you are in Fall 2009. I made that mistake. Otherwise...make sure you call first thing Monday. I am in the later pharmocology class on Wednesday nights.
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    Hey guys. I'm currently in first semester and know how overwhelming the orientation was. Feel free to PM with any questions and I'll see if I can help you. As for registration I had the same problems. I was able to register for lab and clinical but I had to go register in person for lecture and pharm. Don't know why but it always happens to me and it's really frustrating. Feel free to ask me anything, I know how important advice can be in this program lol!
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    Thanks for your help, I'm sorry I hijacked your thread a little I hope that your professor ends up working out for you.

    Aussie Andy- Thanks for your help, I feel a lot better knowing it's not just 'me' having the problem. Guess I'll have to go Monday, bummer.
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    Hijack away! We all need the support! I feel like I already need a tutor and I haven't even started! lol
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    jut keep in mind , one person' bad professor is not bad to another person. you may just enjoy him or her.. keep a open mind !! it will all be okay !!
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    <3i was at the orientation too. however, i had one of the later numbers so i didnt get to choose the teachers i wanted. my friend is in the 2nd semester of the nursing program and shes helping me a lot with the professors. however, i agree that a "bad" teacher can be a "good" teacher to someone else. it varies. so my advice is not to stress so much and just to work hard NO MATTER who your instructor is. although i am pretty happy with my selection of teachers, i think that in the end YOUR own knowledge and determination will help you through.

    the nursing program is difficult and i think we should all stick together and help each other in all the ways we can.

    so good luck to everyone. im new to this. but this website and threads have helped me A LOT.

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    What are threads?
    I keep seeing that in other posts but I don't know what it means.
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    Hi. I was there too. I don't know a single teacher. I did not go on to "rate my professor" or any other web site. I want to judge for myself.

    Many people told me not to take %$#^@& for Bio 189, told me when I was already in her class, and I found that their information was not correct. She was awesome and so smart! I learned a lot from her and I know that if you just try, with an open mind you can learn from anyone.

    Try not to listen to other people. It can be so intimidating. Remember that the teachers are here to weed out the weak ones RIGHT NOW, they are putting all this pressure on us to see if we can take it. I almost think they left the room so hot on purpose. It is another form of intimidation. LOl! You know, the bright light, heat, no bathroom breaks, short lunch, etc...---jk!!! Stay strong, we will make it through all of this.

    They have arranged the classes so that you can pretty much only sign up for one pharmacology class. I didn't have a problem registering for my classes. That was a blessing.

    My biggest problem was that they nickel and dime us-- with $106 for this and $350 for that! $761 for a book bundle that has E books that can be bought separately? What is that about? Whose back is being scratched for that one? Why after all the hard work we have done are they sticking us up at gun point for our kids' birthday money??? I can tell you my son will be disappointed at his would-be-no-longer-party!

    Anyone out there struggling besides me?? Want to share a bundle of books? We can access them online and just use the access codes for you or I. At least until our loans, financial aid and other scholarships come in late August??

    It would really be an awesome wonderful blessing if someone would split the book bundle with me and then when our money comes in we would each have our own!!

    This may sound desperate to you, and it is I am sure, but I have two birthdays this summer that I am the sole provider for, and as many of you know, a birthday is SO important to a child!


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