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  1. AussieAndy

    Northbay Healthcare New Grad Program

    I also applied. What does your status say now regarding the application?
  2. AussieAndy

    Question regarding ROTC

    I graduated in December 2010 with an associates degree and haven't been able to find a job anywhere. Lately have been considering the military with air force probably being my first choice. I know I need my BSN to be commissioned as an officer so what I want to know is ROTC even an option for me anymore considering I already have my associates degree and most RN-BSN programs are only 1 year long. Any information that anybody can share would be great as I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
  3. AussieAndy

    Grad Nurse position @ TCH

    I applied to this also but so far haven't heard anything.
  4. AussieAndy

    Houston GN Residencies

    Hey was wondering where abouts you saw the intern position posted for MD Anderson, I just checked all their open positions and didn't see anything listed and their link to the GN intern page still says to check back spring 2011
  5. AussieAndy

    CSN Fall 2010

    cut-off for part-time is usually higher because they accept much less students for the part-time program, I think they only accept like 30 students so makes sense why the cut-off would be higher.
  6. AussieAndy

    CSN summer courses

    Yes it would make fall easier but don't get too excited yet, it's random lottery, they were offering mental health over the summer and they only had 6 places and many people put their name down to be picked. I was lucky that I got picked. So good luck to you, its certainly worth a shot. I just got down with 2nd semester. Like I said i took mental health over the summer and did med-surg by itself in the fall. So yeah it was easier then first in that sense but I the content of the material is harder then first semester. I think people just say its easier because by the time you've gotten to second you know what to expect, you know what works for you in terms of study and how to manage your time etc.
  7. AussieAndy

    CSN summer courses

    I'm not sure, if they do you will hear something towards the end of the semester, and if you are full time then if they offer it to you it'll only be limited spaces due to the part time people so that's why they pick the people via random lottery. It doesn't mean you get to graduate sooner, it just spreads out your work load which is nice. Actually I just looked up both the part-time tracks (those that start in fall vs. spring) and looks like one of the groups takes peds over the summer so you may get the option to put your name on a list to be randomly chosen for it.
  8. what you need to know for fluid and electrolytes in 115 is way more in depth then first semester so thats def a good thing to get started on. i don't know how you went with the textbook reading in first semester but even with 115 as my only class (i took 243 over the summer) it was pretty much impossible to do all the reading, unless you love reading and can spend hours focusing to get it done lol. Not much else comes to mind except to stay on top of your clinical assignments in both classes as there is a fair amount of them.
  9. I just finished 115 and I believe the first lecture was chapters 16, 17, 18 (pre-op, intraoperative and post op stuff), that stuff is pretty simple, also get started on chapter 13 (fluid and electrolytes), as that's a major part and can be quite difficult to comprehend all of the information.
  10. AussieAndy

    Well my decision was made FOR me

    Yeah nine years ago seems pretty extreme to not consider you. But glad you don't mind that they are no longer an option. This week I just have to take finals for second semester of the nursing program and then first year will be complete . I wish you luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  11. AussieAndy

    Spring 2010 CSN ADN Program

    CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy that you finally got your answer and that it was good news...let the fun and stress begin lol.
  12. AussieAndy

    Spring 2010 CSN ADN Program

    yes you will go sign a letter saying that you accept the offer to be in the program and pick up a packet that tells you all the paperwork you need to turn into your advisor so that you can receive your lovely clinical ticket so that you can take care of real patients in your first semester! Things move very quickly for you from this point forward trust me.
  13. AussieAndy

    Spring 2010 CSN ADN Program

    Good luck and I hope you like it also. I'm in second semester of the program and have been mostly happy with it. CSN has a great reputation for their nursing program.
  14. AussieAndy

    Spring 2010 CSN ADN Program

    Yeah sorry the deadline was a couple of months ago and they made the phone calls today to those who got accepted so you will have to try and apply for the fall program.
  15. AussieAndy

    Spring 2010 CSN ADN Program

    I can't remember her name but I would call the limited entry office person where you turned in the application.