Fall 2018 CSN Hopefuls?

  1. Hello Everyone! After much consideration I have decided to apply for CSN ADN and then I will do the RN-BSN program at NSC. It is more cost effective for me that way. I am in the summer Biol-189 course right now with hopes of getting into AP1 for Fall 2017. I am planning on taking Micro online with Marian University to get some more points in before the March 1, 2018 deadline. Then AP 2 in the Spring!

    Is there anyone else out there working on Fall 2018 admission? Where are you in the process???

    Have any of you heard about the cutoff points for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2017 cohorts? I wanted to apply for the part time, but considering CSN only accepts 16 people vs the 100+ for the full time, in addition to that I won't have everything done then full time it is for me.

    Good of luck to you all! 😊
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  3. by   ARH89
    You can always switch to part time after the fist semester. The first semester is the same if you are full time or part time. You just have to submit a form saying you want to switch to part time.
  4. by   Twinsmama28
    Thank you I heard that they have discontinued the part time program now at CSN so that sucks.