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    i am new to las vegas and have heard many different opinions on drug testing in las vegas hospitals. Do hospitals in las vegas do hair analysis drug testing or other means of testing? I have heard that hair analysis sometimes creates false positives. Can anyone share their story on drug testing in las vegas? I had never even heard of hair analysis until i got out here...

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    The Sunrise Hospital system (Sunrise, Southern Hills, and Mountain View Hospitals) all do hair analysis. I know the Valley Health system hospitals do not. Not sure about St. Rose hospitals.
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    Do not hair test or do not drug test at all. It seems weird for a hospital not to test at all???

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    Oh, sorry. I meant that the Sunrise hospitals all do hair analysis, along with urine. The Valley Health System hospitals do not do hair analysis....just urine.
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    When I hired on to Mountainview last year, they didn't do a hair test. Just urine.
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    Wow, it never ever occured to me that hospitals would do hair testing. And I didn't even know what hair testing was until it was mentioned here and I looked it up! What would they do with me? I have extremely short hair, I get a buzz cut every 4 weeks or so. My hair's not usually longer than 0.5 inch.

    FWiW, I haven't heard of any hospitals drug testing. They might, I just haven't heard of it...

    I understand drug testing for cause, or random, but I'm offended when it's done as a matter of course.
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    i did urine testing only
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    Hair testing is big here in Las Vegas, almost all the casinos do it. My husband works for a casino and says he shaves his head at least once a week, they just get hair from else where. In his case his arm pits, but I have heard they will get more creative if necessary.
    Just an FYI. Also during nursing school someone came to talk to us from Nevada State Board of Nursing, and she made it very clear that nurses can be required to participate in on demand drug testing for almost any reason at any time.
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