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leilahlv specializes in Software and home health.

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  1. leilahlv

    New Residency program(s)

    I know renown in Reno Nevada had NICU residency program. I almost moved there because of that reason.
  2. leilahlv

    RN pay in Las Vegas

    I believe new grad pay in the valley health systems is 29-30/hr right now.
  3. leilahlv

    New to Nicu

    Yea it's pretty tough here also. I got the opportunity and very thankful. Was a long road. Thank you.
  4. leilahlv

    Western Governors U. RN-BSN

    Wow that is so awesome to hear. I'm ready to bust my butt and pay similar amount. My hospital does tuition reimbursement also. I work nights as well.
  5. leilahlv

    New to Nicu

    That's awesome good luck on your journey. I worked with adults for about 3 years and then moved into newborn Nursey and now transitioning to couplet care. I love it.
  6. leilahlv

    Western Governors U. RN-BSN

    I'm starting in February.
  7. leilahlv

    RNs Relocating to Las Vegas

    Yes get a temp NV license first. Good for 6 months.
  8. And don't give up! The hard part is behind you all the schooling. This is your last hurdle and you will achieve it.
  9. I took excel nursing review. They travel all over the country. Give them a try they helped me so much! I failed more times then I would like to divulge but after taking them I passed with 75 questions. I highly recommend them.

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