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Pairofshues specializes in Med/Surg/Tele.

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  1. Pairofshues

    Relocating to Dallas area - VA hospital

    I ended up at the VA in Kansas City. How do you like the Dallas VA?
  2. I went through allnurses and there is not much information regarding UCM's Family Nurse Practitioner Program and I have questions for current students and recent graduates :) I am to start the program January 2016. And from what I've gathered thus far, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is: - Program is 44 hours - Courses are offered in Spring, Summer and Fall and courses are ONLINE - You enroll in whatever class you want, as long as it doesn't require a prerequisite - There are 6 courses with practicums - 4 courses require 90 practicum hours, 1 course with 135 practicum hours, and the final course requires 360 practicum hours. So, here's my questions: - Is there group work? - Do they provide resources or "help" with finding a practicum site / preceptor? - Two of the practicum courses are titled the same (ex. 5200 and 5201 are title Primary Care of the Childrearing Family; and 5202 and 5203 are Primary Care of Adults and the Elderly) question is do you take BOTH 5200 and 5201 during the same semester? Do they run the entire 16 week semester or are the 8 week courses? Thanks in advance for answering my questions. I'd also like any information or feedback about the program and your experiences/feelings :) Kelly
  3. Pairofshues

    Graduate- 1 yr experience-MO pay

    Missouri and Kansas, for the most part, do not give critical care differentials like other parts of the United States. Example: HCA hospitals in Kansas City MO pay based on the years of experience and not what specialty/ department you work in. Nevada and California pay critical care differentials. A med surg nurse with 2 years of experience makes around 30.50 base and when you move to ICU or ED you automatically get a $6/hr raise.
  4. Pairofshues

    Pay rate for new nurses in the south

    Most pay new grads $21/hr in the Kansas City metro area. I moved from Las Vegas to Kansas City this past summer. I had 2.5 years of experience at that time. Was making $30.28 BASE pay at a LV HCA hospital and the HCA hospitals in Kansas and Missouri offered me a BASE pay of $23.63 FYI Kansas and Missouri hospitals do NOT offer differentials for critical care like other states (NV, CA) do.
  5. Pairofshues

    University of Central Missouri

    Hi. I too have been accepted and am looking for other FNP students who would be willing to share information and their experiences with the program. Thanks!!
  6. I got accepted and will start in January.
  7. Pairofshues

    University of Central Missouri

    I got accepted to the FNP program and start Spring 2015
  8. Pairofshues

    VA and Epic EMR

    Well, I'm now at the VA and I have to say I HATE their electronic charting and medication systems. First off, they're separate (meaning you have to leave one system and then go into the other). VISTA CPRS is a window operating system - NOTHING like Cerner nor EPIC. and the emar system is what they call BCMA. MEDITECH is better than this system, but I shall get use to it (hopefully). Cerner won the DOD contract - so fingers crossed they will do ours next!?
  9. Pairofshues

    VA Nurse Salary

    Thank you !!!
  10. Pairofshues

    VA Nurse Salary

    I'm at a HCA hospital in Nevada and am relocating and starting at the KC VA hospital next month. I have a few questions: How long do you have to stay in your current position before you can transfer to another department at the same VA hospital? Is that an easy process or is daunting like the initial hiring process? Then how does moving to a different VA hospital work? Does the VA offer tuition assistance for obtaining your Master's degree? (think it's called NNEI) and how does that work? How does holiday pay work and is it double time or time and a half? I am scheduled to work 12 hour nights Thanks for all your help in advance! :) And for those who are wondering about how the pay at the Kansas City VA compares to other local private hospitals - it is better - several dollars more an hour better! I was surprised :)
  11. Pairofshues

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Thanks jeckrn!! I noticed you said 2nd and 3rd shift, so do the nurses in the hospital setting work 8 hour shifts or is it 12 hour shifts? ....I will be on a med/surg/tele floor at the dallas VA hospital.
  12. Pairofshues

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Is there a set shift diff $ or % for VA Nurses or does the differential differ among VA facilities / locations? I had heard it was 10% night diff and 25% weekend diff...is this correct? Also does all the VA hospitals use the same computer and EMAR charting system? If so what program is it? Thanks for the info!
  13. Pairofshues

    Interviewed at the VA hospital

    After my phone interview with the VA, they called my RN (friend) reference, my current manager and my previous manager - this all occurred on the same day after my interview.
  14. Pairofshues

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    I have a question about the Nurse Locality Pay Schedule (Title 38 Pay Schedules - Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM)) what does the number under Level 2 or Level 3 mean? Example if you go to the link, click on Nurse Locality Pay Schedule, click Texas, the first line is Houston Registered Nurse, what does the '3' under level 2 or the '5' under the level 3 mean? Thanks for the info!
  15. Pairofshues

    Military Spouse! Should I tell them?

    I agree with the previous replies - I would say we had a chance to relocate here with my husband's work and we jumped on the deal because I've always wanted to live in San Diego! I'm sure they won't ask what he does for a living - the interview is about you, not him. And if they do ask - I would omit the military part like you suggested in your post. "Administration, sales, mechanic, engineer, ie. "
  16. Pairofshues

    VA and Epic EMR

    What computerized charting system does the VA currently use? I am in the hiring process for the Dallas VA hospital.

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