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Hi everyone, I used to post here alot,still read alot, but anyhow. A friend of mine who is in the LPN to RN bridge at CSN and about 14 others(not all LPN"S) have gotten thrown out of the program recently. Here is why.They are in... Read More

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    well...if you fail the math exam in any of the semesters, you get one more chance then you're out. even if you were not informed when you entered the program, you'll read that in the syllabus plus you'll hear the horror stories from the grapevine. it's best to keep your ears open when you're in the program. this year, the instructor gave 3 chances and from what i heard, a lot failed the 1st time. in fairness to her, she did give a review but it wasn't that comprehensive or helpful.

    still, the dean of nursing should look into this matter & consider the fact that this is the 2nd semester where a lot of students have failed on the 1st try. The instructor says that perhaps there's something wrong with the students and how they're learning but IMO, there's something wrong with the teachers if the students are failing.

    the problem with csn nursing is that the dean usually sides with the teachers so some of the students went straight to the nv state board of nursing. if there's a shortage of nurses, there's definitely a shortage of nursing teachers hehehe...still, faculty should look at both sides objectively.

    that's just my 2 cents.
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    Hey there. Minnesota nursing student here. I was checking out this section because I am looking at moving back home after graduation. (Henderson area) Anyway, just wanted to comment that at my school we have math exams also but we have to pass with 100%. We get 3 tries. We also have 3 math exams this semester (I am in my 3rd semester). It is tough and people are let go from the program but our instructors' thoughts are that it only takes one mistake to kill someone. Now, I know that in the field there are times when a second RN must double-check your calculations and so there is less chance of an error but you cannot always count on that. The thing that these math exams has taught me is to be very careful, recheck my calculations and pay attention to the details of the order. Imagine spending 4 semesters in nursing school and two weeks before graduation you fail everything based on an exam with 1 wrong. Tough.
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    I appreciate everyone that has contributed to this thread. I begin as pre-nursing student in August. I am horrible at math, except where it applies to life. If I need to know something I will master it. That being said, does it not make sense that a nurse in the field who is careful and meticulous would take the time to double and triple check their calculations? So what exactly is the purpose of the time limit? It is coming across as an unreasonable length of time to calculate each answer and pass.
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    can't be THAT unreasonable after all the people that have somehow managed to pass these tests...can it?
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