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Hi everyone, I used to post here alot,still read alot, but anyhow. A friend of mine who is in the LPN to RN bridge at CSN and about 14 others(not all LPN"S) have gotten thrown out of the program... Read More

  1. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i really think if you apply yourself and really go over the math you will have no problems.... it is not very hard to do...

    one instructor in the program said to me "if they would just apply themselves and do it over and over they would not fail" " the spot they earn in this program is hard to get. you would think they would want to practice it so they don't loose their spot in the program"

    i agree with her .. she was upset because 8 people were kicked out of the program because of the math test alone.

    you know you need to pass these math tests , it's very important to know .. you don't want to harm anyone because you gave to much blood pressure medication or push to much pain meds and cause harm...

    CSN 's program is the best in the state , they put out excellent nurses and be proud that you got in the program that is the hardest to get it.... be proud and do what is expected...

    if you don't then you loose , because they have alot more people they can replace you with.

    i love CSN program and i love precepting those nurses because they are knowledgable and when i hand them a calculater to figure the dose on a PCA pump theye can do it.... and i precept alot of nurses from different schools and CSN nurses are well trained.

    so sharpen those pencils and go for it !!! lol
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  2. by   AussieAndy
    Thanks for taking the time to reassure everyone! We appreciate it. I did not know other schools are also doing these math tests, that is good to know. I understand the importance of them every semester, this is important information you need to know so I'm sure the math tests allow you to keep studying to make sure this stuff gets stuck in your brain for good lol.
  3. by   mickeymouse1205
    I just spoke with my friend who had a meeting with the Director of the CSN program,'
    Here are the facts out of the Directors mouth.NO specualtion

    This is the 2nd class(in the 4th semester) EVER from CSN that took this particular TIMED test. The director herself said no other 4th semester math tests at CSN have been timed besides this semester and Spring of 08 4th semester.
    Last Spring (08) multiple people failed this test they were given 5+ chances to take it, one student in fact took it aong with the director because she just couldn't "get it"
    The Director herself said this test is BS, but is being pressured by the hospitals to make them take this timed test 33 questions in 60 minutes because they feel too many of CSN previous graduates that are now working in the hospitals are making too many med errors.She does feel that it is completely unfair and gauranteed EVERYONE who got kicked out a spot next semester.Because she ADMITTED it is not right. Although they will have to pay again.

    Conclusion-Previous graduates did not take this same timed test.From here on out if you are in the program make SURE you know it is a really big deal.

    Other things to note. My friend did attend the begining of the semester review, can't mention names, but the instructor told them she dies not teach math, can just give you sort of a review, Friend said she was better off going on the internet and figuring it out herself.
    It still is upsetting that they did make sure no one failed this test last semester giving some people 5+ chances, but will not do the same this semester.

    I also would like to say from a personal point of view, I put this post up to let other students know the serious nature of this test. You work your butt off in school and I wouldn't want this to be a surprise to anyone.The math tests are not a surprise but apparently this one is extremely harder than it was previous and also timed(per the director). So be prepared. I still think that these tests should be given ASAP so students that are out can get a refund if needed(especially in this economy).To me waiting to give a standardized test that could result in your withdrawl is BS. It is not like they are teaching you something that is on the test during the semester. KWIM The same questions would be on the test from day 1 or the last day, so why wait?

    One more thing the dirctor did say was that the hospitals were demanding that the students got 100% on the test or out, CSN got them down to a 97%. I do understand that CSN has to have a good relationships with the hospitals for a million reasons, but I really think that they have no business demanding this of the school. They don't accredidate them the BON does and if they are that worried about it. Why don't the hospitals give the test before they hire you, if you don't pass you aren't hired KWIM?There are alot of RN's that do not or have no desire to work in the hospitals.
  4. by   RegNurstobe2008
    yes the time limit freaked me out too, 33 questions in 60 minutes, come on and on the top of it the class test we are having so hard, if you will look in the NCLEX book and compare it to our class test, the nclex is easy. i dont know what is the deal why they are making so harder and we have only 2months in this semester. i really dont understand why hospitals are interfering in college business.
    i hope your friend can transfer credits to other college. i really understand how frustrated it is.
  5. by   ohmeowzer RN
    mickey i wondered if they returned money to the students who were let go from the RN program. but i guess they go by the policy of csn to return money. i think you only have so long in the semester before you get your money back. ...

    yes that must be a different math test than the ones i took... i am sure they must change them. i am sorry your friend had trouble.

    yes all the hospitals give math tests and so do hospice and LTC and psych nursing .. anywhere you give meds.. it is a standard of practice to always give a math test to a licensed professional before hire. .. the reason why they do this .. is because if any facility hires you and you make a med error .. they are held resposible because they did not test you first... this way if you make a med error it's your license that gets taken away not theirs.... the hospitals and facilites have to show competancy of all their nurses yearly for jacho and standard of practice....so this math devil will follow you everywhere you go...

    csn has a great reputation with all the hospitals in las vegas... they and UNLV get first choice.. the other colleges get the left overs for clincials ectra.

    the hospitals do test and i don't blame them , you push blood pressure meds ectra i wouldn't work in a hospital or facility that does not give a med test... it shows a high standard of practice..

    i must say i have never heard about csn giving a student 5 times to pass a med test.. that is crazy and unfair .. besides scary... and it will catch up to him or her in the end.

    please keep me posted and i hope your friend reregisters and graduates... it is a excellent program and i wish her or him luck..

    take care
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  6. by   Echo1112
    Quote from DesertRain
    Now, in saying that, I too despise math. I never even completed senior year math in highschool, and only took 100b with a professor who practically gave away A's. I worked my behind off to learn the math for nursing school and although I have not yet taken 4th semester math, I have gotten 100% each first time of taking the test thus far....
    I think we had the same professor! Good to know, as long as the math is being taught, it really is up to the student to study and seek help, so as long as the resources are available I am happy.
  7. by   MikeyJ
    I have not heard of anything in the media lately about what happened at CSN, but I do know that every nursing school (to my knowledge anyway) tests students med calc math skills every semester.

    At UNLV we were given a minimum of 1 math test per semester (some semesters required 2 math tests) and we knew up front that we were given 2 to 3 tries to pass and if you failed it all 2/3 times, it is considered a failure in clinical and would not be allowed to complete that class. Students could repeat the class the following semester (unless they failed one class before, then they would be out of nursing school).

    And I side with the school in that they don't provide tuition refunds. But in the case of CSN, I am not aware of what happened, thus I cannot comment on that.
  8. by   torreypines
    well...if you fail the math exam in any of the semesters, you get one more chance then you're out. even if you were not informed when you entered the program, you'll read that in the syllabus plus you'll hear the horror stories from the grapevine. it's best to keep your ears open when you're in the program. this year, the instructor gave 3 chances and from what i heard, a lot failed the 1st time. in fairness to her, she did give a review but it wasn't that comprehensive or helpful.

    still, the dean of nursing should look into this matter & consider the fact that this is the 2nd semester where a lot of students have failed on the 1st try. The instructor says that perhaps there's something wrong with the students and how they're learning but IMO, there's something wrong with the teachers if the students are failing.

    the problem with csn nursing is that the dean usually sides with the teachers so some of the students went straight to the nv state board of nursing. if there's a shortage of nurses, there's definitely a shortage of nursing teachers hehehe...still, faculty should look at both sides objectively.

    that's just my 2 cents.
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  9. by   dragon_fly
    Hey there. Minnesota nursing student here. I was checking out this section because I am looking at moving back home after graduation. (Henderson area) Anyway, just wanted to comment that at my school we have math exams also but we have to pass with 100%. We get 3 tries. We also have 3 math exams this semester (I am in my 3rd semester). It is tough and people are let go from the program but our instructors' thoughts are that it only takes one mistake to kill someone. Now, I know that in the field there are times when a second RN must double-check your calculations and so there is less chance of an error but you cannot always count on that. The thing that these math exams has taught me is to be very careful, recheck my calculations and pay attention to the details of the order. Imagine spending 4 semesters in nursing school and two weeks before graduation you fail everything based on an exam with 1 wrong. Tough.
  10. by   amandazappola
    I appreciate everyone that has contributed to this thread. I begin as pre-nursing student in August. I am horrible at math, except where it applies to life. If I need to know something I will master it. That being said, does it not make sense that a nurse in the field who is careful and meticulous would take the time to double and triple check their calculations? So what exactly is the purpose of the time limit? It is coming across as an unreasonable length of time to calculate each answer and pass.
    can't be THAT unreasonable after all the people that have somehow managed to pass these tests...can it?