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Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if there are any fellow CSN RN Spring '13 hopefuls out there. I just turned in my application today and I would love to get to know some of... Read More

  1. by   xtnag1
    Flu vaccine is not required, but it's a good idea to get it, especially if you can get it for free.

    I just had a bout of colds, got it from my lab partner, good thing it did not worsen and I was able to attend my clinical day last week.
  2. by   umpakc
    Hi again...I have gone a whole week with out obsessing over not getting the call yet...I feel like I should get a chip like they do in AA...j/k...So i have another question regarding the immunizations...I have received all of the shots including the Hep series but I have no documentation to prove it...does anyone know about how much it costs to get the titer lab run? Also where I would be able to do that?
  3. by   christina731
    Good job with not obsessing! I can't say the same for myself. I still freak out every time I hear my phone ring, even though there is little chance that we will hear this week!

    I had my titers done and I went to a regular lab (Labcorp) because I needed my other labs done as well. I'm waiting for a hefty bill because my insurance does not cover it. I have heard that The Vaccine Center (the only one I know of is on Windmill & Bermuda) is cheaper. I would inquire with them! I wasn't thinking about a bill when I asked my doctor to order the titers. I was only thinking about only getting one blood draw :P and now I'm dreading the bill!
  4. by   LindaFD
    Hello just reading through all this info. Thanks everyone for sharing! I also wanted to let everyone know that you can have your doctor order your titers at CPL lab. They have very low cash prices! It was only $35 for the varicella versus $200+ for the vaccines. Hope we all get good news soon!
  5. by   yb0978
    I'm so nervous I think I am going to throw up. Ugh.... I wish November was already here.....
  6. by   christina731
    Quote from yb0978
    I'm so nervous I think I am going to throw up. Ugh.... I wish November was already here.....
    Ditto :/ this wait freakin' sucks!!!
  7. by   Sombra1206
    I am trying to think now in terms of days until we hear... We now have only have days to wait not weeks or months anymore, but I do agree this is not a lot of fun! I have class again on Tuesday so I am going to stop by the health advisors office again that night for any new news.
  8. by   kateri8
    Good luck to everyone. I am waiting also and the waiting is painful!!! Then I see so much negativity about dosages and calculations so I pulled out my book and started doing them just in case. I took dosages and calculations last year and did pretty well and I have never taken college level algebra as of yet. I don't remember any really hard algebra on the dosages and calculations. Unless it's called Algebra and I didn't know it! I have 30 points and hope it's enough to squeak by. I applied back in August. I love reading everyone's posts and I know it will be fine!!! Good luck and happy thoughts.
  9. by   fuzzyballs
    I have 30 points as well and the nice lady at the limited entry office said 30 points should be competitive enough this term.
  10. by   Sombra1206
    I have never been so anxious for a Monday to hurry up and start!
  11. by   christina731
    Me too! This has been the longest & worst week of this waiting game thus far. I am so anxious that I am barely sleeping and my stomach is all out of sorts. I hope they call this week. I can't take this anymore! :/
  12. by   Sombra1206
    I am so with you!!! Now for the bad news again... Friday is a holiday and the campus is closed. Here's hoping everyone is back to work tomorrow, the selection committee meets Tuesday and we get calls Wednesday or Thursday. They kept saying we would hear by the end of the month so next week would be really tight for them, but who knows at this point. I am really trying to focus on other things (like my two other classes and work), but now that we are so close to the end I can't think of anything other than getting into the program. I am guarding my phone like it's made of gold.
  13. by   christina731
    I was wondering when they were going to observe Nevada day...let's hope that they will want to get it over with before the long weekend!!