are new grad jobs expected to increase anytime soon?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the future of jobs for new grads in Nevada. I'm from CA looking out of state, not too far away.
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  3. by   Chronis
    Well I'm from Northern Nevada so I'm not sure about Southern Nevada but I heard that it is horrible for new grads. The other day a girl in my class who wants to move down there told me all the hospitals have big red postings online that say NO NEW GRADS. Unfortunately up here in Northern Nevada things seem to be getting worse and worse. Some hospitals and facilities are hiring a few new grads but you would likely need to know someone or have some connections to get those positions (Very Competitive). Renown hospital which is the biggest hospital in Northern Nevada is the only facility I have heard of that's actually hiring a decent amount of new grads. However Renown recruiters told us they are pretty much only hiring local new grads (and they weren't even sure they'd be able hire all of us). Apparently Renown has really gotten burned in the past when they hired new grads from out of state particularly California. This is because the out of sate new gads get their year of experience and then move back to California where they can make more money and be with their families. To make matters worse Apollo College has just moved into the area and is going to start graduating their classes next year which will effectively double the amount of new grads in Northern Nevada and flood the market making a bad situation worse. So in short it's a pretty lousy situation all around for new grads. I wish I had better news for you. I have heard rumors that Texas is hiring new grads but the pay is really low. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. by   baker1bv
    After applying to every position I could for the last 6 months, I will say, things havent improved much in southern nevada either. Most hospitals put no new grads right on all their job descriptions, but tourism is picking up... so hopefully soon.
  5. by   kidari
    I too am hoping that the hospitals will be hiring soon. I'll be graduating in 2012 and can only hope that the market picks up. But, somehow I doubt it. =(
  6. by   vegas2009
    [quote=kidari;4185110]I too am hoping that the hospitals will be hiring soon. I'll be graduating in 2012 and can only hope that the market picks up. But, somehow I doubt it.

    It is good to have hope. I hope things pick up for everyone. Fear not my friend, there's usually a bright side to everything, we just need to look deeper nowadays. I know Nevada IS depressing, I just hope Nevada's leaders make smarter choices from now on. Maybe if they treated their local residents better, more people will be involve in solving Nevada's crisis. Sad really, more people just move. For one thing, it is easier.
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  7. by   Chronis
    Okay some new info. Apparently what the Renown recruiter told us about hiring locally isn't true. For instance I heard they hired a new grad from Sacramento into the CIC when I and multiple other candidates got rejected from that position. Also Renown set up a booth at the National Student Nurses Association convention and said they where actively recruiting new grads from out of state. Apparently local graduates are not given preference when being hired at Renown. So I just wanted to correct the information I had written earlier and not discourage anyone from applying.
  8. by   fathertod
    I still feel discouraged
  9. by   puravidaLV
    Why? Take it as a positive, this place sucks.