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I am a new RN on a neuro unit and I would like tips from anyone on a "quick" and efficient way to do neuro assessments. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! :)... Read More

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    Scope out this source for a details and thorough neuro exam


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    Not a neuro nurse but currently being treated in a neuro unit recieving the same neuro check every two hours. it goes like this

    Stick out tongue & wiggle it
    Feeling light touch on both sides of my face
    Scrunch eyes
    Turn head side to side against nurses hand
    Scrunch up shoulders
    Arms out straight, palms up, eyes closed, touch finger to nose for both hands
    Squeeze nurses hands, pull in, resist her pulling my hands out
    Push up/down with both legs, push up/down with both feet
    Wiggle toes

    I'm getting pretty good at doing it almost without waking up now too :-)
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