ICP monitoring and ventricular drain.

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    Would like to hear your thoughts. When do you turn off the clamp closest to the patient? Turns and position changes? To CT? Never unless the surgeon says so?

    Thanks in advance!
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    In PICU, we clamp the drain anytime we move the patient (up to chair, to CT, etc)
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    In our 23 bed neuro icu, we clamp the drain to transduce pressures, position changes, and when we transport the pt.
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    Same as the pp said. We clamp with positioning, transport to ct, mri, and to get pressure readings.
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    The rationale for clamping a ventriculostomy device (EVD) is to evoid overdraining of CSF, which may lead to brain herniation. If you place the EVD below the patient, you will normally see an increase of CSF drainage, due to gravity. For this reason, most EVD protocols recommend clamping it with any changes in patient's position that may place the EVD below the patient.