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Hey guys, I just wanted to write about my cathartic experience that sent me on the biggest roller coaster ride of emotions I have ever been on. Hopefully this brief story will help to alleviate any anxiety you may have if you... Read More

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    Thank you for this post! I took my NCLEX-PN on 7/26/2013. After 1 hour and 4 minutes, the test shut off after 85 questions. Nurses had warned me to be prepared for uncertainty. I didn't understand their warnings until the drive home. I just kept thinking I either passed or bombed it completely... which, I simply didn't know... too many Select All That Apply questions! So, as soon as I arrived home I pulled out my laptop and tried the PVT. I got the good pop-up but it did little to calm my fears. Since I tested on a Friday morning, I knew I would have to wait thru the weekend, at least. Longest weekend of my life! Monday came and went, so did Tuesday. I must have checked the OBN verification page 1000 times. Finally on Wednesday Pearson Vue gave me the Quick Results link and I, too, foolishly paid the $8 for the unofficial result. Yes, I had unofficially passed. Mid-morning on Thursday, OBN had updated my record and made it official. I WEPT! Seriously, I must have cried for a full hour! I felt ridiculous. I called my husband at work to give him the good news. He just kept asking me WHY I was crying and I had no answer. It is an emotional roller coaster, even without family trauma. Best wishes to your grandmother and congrats on your victory over NCLEX!

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    You're so welcome (if that was aimed at me).

    The pass rate for NCLEX nationally is over 90%, and your school may be higher. If the faculty passed you, they think you're ready. You can do this!

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