When Chronic Condition Becomes a Priorty Acute Problem

  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    One of the most common Study Strategies in answering Multiple Choice questions is identifying Chronic disease or Chronic conditions which are eliminating options.

    But what if some Chronic conditions can show a sudden acute life threatening problems ?

    Can anyone share some examples of Chronic diseases or Chronic conditions that can have a sudden acute life threatening complications ?

    My example is a Diabetes Type 2 patient with 600 Blood Sugar can lead to a medical emergency of Diabetic Coma

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    A person with coronary artery disease that is having a heart attack. An epileptic in Status Epileptics. An asthmatic with SOB and low O2 sats/cyanosis.

    The point in the question would be are they having acute symptoms
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    COPD, CHF, A-Fib, PVD, etc. There are lots of chronic conditions that can be exacerbated.
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