When can you register for NCLEX?

  1. So I'm still in school, but with 14 weeks until graduation (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S THAT SOOON!!!!), I'm starting to study for and think about NCLEX. I'm also trying to plan a move, as I'm spending 6 months out of the country immediately after taking the NCLEX. So the sooner I know when I'm sitting for the exam, the better so I can buy my ticket and make other plans.

    My question is, when dis you guys actually register for the NCLEX? Was it before graduation, or do you have to graduate before you can apply? Thanks!
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  3. by   stephc1973
    For me (my class) it was right at graduation. Our instructor had to send in info saying that we had completed the required classes and clinical hours. You pay for the test then a few days later you will receive an ATT letter that allows you to schedule the test.
  4. by   kcdunlap
    Our school sends out the info. we register and wait for the ATT. I graduated in May and my class waited from 4-6 weeks on average for the ATT because of the large number of people that graduate in May. My friends in the class that just graduated in the summer got their GN license in about 2 weeks but still haven't gotten their ATT. We are in PA so that might make a difference as to when you get the ATT.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Depends on the state but most require you to graduate and the school send in necessary documents so a lot will depend on how quick the school acts