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The test just shut off. The next 48 hours is waiting till your "unofficial results" can be purchased from PearsonVue. There are options before that 48 hour hits including "the trick." I am not... Read More

  1. by   adyal2003
    Thank you so much for posting this. I just took my state boards in Florida a few hours ago, and I did the Pearson "trick", and it let me go to the payment screen, so I'm reasonably certain I failed. It's just good to read all of this. It gives me hope, and inspires me to keep moving forward. I'm totally sad right now, and I need to figure out what I'm going to go about money, but I'm so thankful I have this to look back on. It provides a sense of comfort. So thank you. Very much.
  2. by   nikkibroddy
    Hello, I failed my NCLEX RN test the first time on June 15, 2012. A day I will never forget because I felt like my world ended. I cried for the whole weekend and the following week. I had crying outbreaks during the next weeks. I finally got my ATT two weeks later, set a date and have been wide open every since. I have Kaplan strategies book (green one), Suanders comprehensive and Q&A, Hurst vidoes and I have taken Kaplan online review. My qt scores are low and my qbank average is 56%. As my time approaches, I get more nervous and now I am tired of studing and it shows in the dropping of my grades. I have been reading these post and they all have inspired me to get up and to start over! I can do this! As someone posted in here WE WILL PASS THIS TEST!!
  3. by   BlueSunRise
    @adyal2003: Did you get your 48 hr. PASS/FAIL response yet (in order to confirm the trick; which we all know is 200% right)? If you did fail, I can tell you the steps to rescheduling another exam immediately... so you don't sit there sulking like I did with my head spinning. Two things you need to do STAT is call pearson vue and your BON... DEPENDING on the state where you registered your payment may be as low as 80 dollars by phone to the BON and the usual 200 dollars to PEARSON by phone. You don't need to fill out any more paperwork. Just call them with your credit card handy (that part sucks). Then, schedule your exam by going to the PEARSON VUE website... it will not let you schedule the exam for another 45 days minimum (if you are registered for MA)... I am taking my exam in Florida but I am registered with the state of MA... I am not sure how long FL makes you wait. If you haven't yet taken KAPLAN, jump on that wagon stat. I took an online course that was 4 days per week for 2 weeks... for 3 hour sessions on line and we learned test taking strategies and how to apply them via non stop questions that were provided during each class. Now, I have about 2-3 weeks left till the exam and I plan to do questions/content/remediation on the questions I got right&wrong every day till my test. Kaplan helps you plan this! Its structure that I didn't have before my 1st exam. I can't predict how I will do the 2nd time, but all these steps helped me move forward days after failing instead of sulking and being depressed about it. Keep us posted with your story...
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  4. by   TrisenRN
    2.5 Years...It seems not so long ago I made this post, scared to death and unsure what to do next. I am now a Registered Nurse and the Clinical Lead RN on a Cardiac Telemetry Unit. Just remember it's not end of the world.
  5. by   begosh
    Quote from TrisenRN
    2.5 Years...It seems not so long ago I made this post, scared to death and unsure what to do next. I am now a Registered Nurse and the Clinical Lead RN on a Cardiac Telemetry Unit. Just remember it's not end of the world.
    Congratulations on your success! All the best in your future endeavors!
  6. by   stephanie11
    Quote from easternshoregirl
    I took my RN nclex today and i did the Pearson Vue Trick and guess what I was able to re-register. I couldn't believe it, I was so disappointed in myself. I got so worried about what everyone was going to think of me. After crying for a few hours, I finally had to kick myself in the butt and say to myself, is this the end of the world...no!! I have alot of good things in my life such a beautiful family and should not let one thing get me down. I can retake the test in 45 days and knowing what I know now, use better techniques to conquer my anxiety. I know what happened though. I was sure going in that I would only get 75 questions but when i hit 75 and it didn't stop then 85, 95, 105 and still didn't stop, my anxiety level increased so much that I couldn't even focus anymore. I was just so ready for the test to end and 4 hours later 265 questions later it was finally over. I know I could of did better but my anxiety gets the worse of me. I studied so hard and new alot of material going in but when the anxiety hits it all over. Well I just had to vent a little. Thanks for listening
    I took my nclex jan 28, 2013.. i had the same though like you. I pray and was hoping for 75 questions and 6 SATA.. man wen i hit 75 q, 13 sata, the test keep continues, 90..100..120..160.. my brain started frezzing.. fInally i ran out of time, at 230. did the pearson vue trick, failed.. devasted
  7. by   Tgreen89
    Quote from LibbyRN31286
    If anyone is having trouble passing the NCLEX I just took the Hurst Review online (after failing twice before). It is AMAZING and I highly recommend it to anyone! They have a 98% pass rate and money back guarantee. If you don't pass you can get a refund OR take the remediation course. I passed last week with 75 questions and I graduated in May 2009 so it's been a while for me! Go to www.hurstreview.com and check it out. The videos are fun to watch and interesting. The lady named Marlene Hurst who owns the company is great. She tells you what you NEED to know to pass boards and she's very funny!
    I just took the nclex last week and found out that i failed in 265 questions after taking kaplan. I got my results back and it said that I was near the passing level in every area which is nice to know but frustrating that I was so close. I just signed up for hurst review online and after the introduction alone I was hooked. Im really looking forward to this review course and am going to give it my all to pass the nclex my second time.
  8. by   Tgreen89
    Well just to update this, after taking Hurst Review online, I passed my second time 2 months later in 108 questions...Hurst Review rocks
  9. by   MsNuFayth
    Yes, I took my Nclex RN exam on june 11th for the first time... I had the entire 265 Questions and it took 6 HOURS!!!! I could not believe it and was devastated. I grad my program may 9th and attended my school's Kaplan review for one week... the course taugh alot about how to strategize for nclex and allows you to take practice test and use Q-Bank Questions. I didnt take full advantage, I was also planning my wedding and I guess tried to take on too much. But long story short, I regrouped and Aug. 11th took it over and got the good pop off...this time it shut off in 76 Questions... is felt much better. But in those two months I used kaplans Nclex rn book, the yellow saunders book, lippincot and made myself do 25-50 questions a day. I reviewed some old content from notes but remained calm and thinking about the way i answered all my questions. Reviewing rationales are very important to help you study. Anymore questions feel free to contact me. GOOD LUCK FUTURE Nurses
  10. by   patience5255
    Hyy Julie every state and their policy your BOn ll tell you of their repeat policy and the wait time but peason vie is 45 days
  11. by   FutureCaliNurse89
    Jus wondering how long it took for you to receive the letter when you failed? Jus wondering bc I'm still waiting to hear anything nd since I'm in Cali we don't have the quick results so it's been almost 2 weeks nothing I'm getting nervous