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  1. Congrats, I pray to also pass on my 3 rd time. Is soo frustrating though but am just wondering and thinking of which review ll help me now. What is 97page youtube and how do I get it. I don't just know my problem now. I read sounders chapter to chapt...
  2. patience5255

    California NCLEX-RN takers!

    Pls i need help as to how to use the ebreeze is confusing me. Thanx
  3. patience5255

    Just took NCLEX RN, stopped at 265!!

    Ok, I appreciate that info, thanx
  4. patience5255

    Just took NCLEX RN, stopped at 265!!

    Thanx for ur concern
  5. patience5255

    Just took NCLEX RN, stopped at 265!!

    Ok am sorry. My question is, I want to retest in exactly 45 days but I don't know if the board of nursing ll give me the ATT before the 45 days, my board of nursing is California, any idea i really wanted to retest before December end. But am just co...
  6. patience5255

    Just took NCLEX RN, stopped at 265!!

    I also did Kaplan n failed with 75 the decision tree didn't work for me am thinking of repeating the Kaplan classesx but this time I got the PDA book by la-charthy and am I don't know if you got ur ATT before the 45 days thus my fear now I wanted to ...
  7. patience5255

    What To Do When You Fail The NCLEX-RN

    Hyy Julie every state and their policy your BOn ll tell you of their repeat policy and the wait time but peason vie is 45 days
  8. patience5255


    does the exam center has effects on the pass rate or not, just having mix feeling about the center i chosed for my exam
  9. patience5255

    Nclex round 2 tomorrow- the winning round

    Good luck! be confident, others made it so can you also. am also learning to take mine soon